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Liz Bukowski, Villa Maria photography alumna, Opens Solo Show at CEPA Gallery

By February 4, 2019May 16th, 2019Photography, Press Release
Liz Bukowski stands with calvary soldier #1, an archival inkjet print, at the opening of Hallow Ground.

Liz Bukowski stands with “Calvary Soldier #1,” an archival inkjet print, at the opening of Hallow Ground.

Exhibits open and close in the CEPA Gallery every day. Photography exhibits, media arts exhibits, performances, and more are always on display in one of Buffalo’s most popular galleries. Among those most recent openings was Hallow Ground, which showcases the photography of Liz Bukowski, a 2014 graduate of Villa Maria’s photography program.

As a photographer and re-enactor, I find myself at the intersections of historic record, lived experience and documentation,” said Bukowksi. “Though historic records, and the historic records of photography, can contain the inaccuracies that those who are alive now may not fully understand. Subsequently, by actively participating in re-enactments and period accurate photographic processes and documentation, I explore how anecdotal, ephemera and documentation of contemporary events may add to an understanding of this time period.”

“By linking the realm of memory & the realm of experience while simultaneously contrasting the historic & the contemporary, I bring the viewer into the world of American “Living” History,” she continued. While the moments created by re-enactors are meant to reflect the past, the moments captured in their faces are what bring the images to life. These images leave the viewer feeling they have stopped back in time, even though the photos and documentation process are purely a contemporary act.”

Hallow Ground will be on display through February 23, 2019.

Bukowski’s solo show comes as the result of her winning a CEPA Members’ Exhibition Award for her entry, ‘Calvary Soldier #1,’ (pictured above) in the 2018 CEPA Members’ Exhibition. The award, which recognizes artists who demonstrate an elevated level of artistic maturity and skill in their work, was given by CEPA in February 2018. 

“Liz is the second photography program alum to receive an Exhibition Award from CEPA, which speaks to the artistic ability of our graduates,” said Laura Snyder, a professor of photography at Villa. “CEPA is an important gallery in the WNY area that always has incredible work on display. We are proud to say this now include Liz’s work. I am very proud of Liz and her accomplishments.”

After completing her BFA in photography,  Bukowski moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to apprentice at a wet plate collodion photography studio. Since then she has been living and working in Gettysburg, practicing this period accurate 19th century craft.

Liz Bukowski Hallow Ground Close UpsLiz Bukowski Hallow Ground Close Ups