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Digital Media and Communications

Write, edit, produce, design and more… become the complete package for a future employer.

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Students in this program will learn to use digital media professionally to market themselves, an idea or a business. They analyze and apply storytelling principles to create compelling online content — in text and multimedia. We emphasize writing, editing and narrative storytelling technique. Students have these in mind as they use digital tools and various audio and digital software to create, edit and publish on digital platforms — in professional style.


With all the technologies and tools available today, there is a huge value in excelling at more than one thing. As part of Villa’s Digital Media and Communications program, students will use a variety of computer-based programs, interfaces and technologies to create multimedia content for internet, mobile devices, broadcasting and other platforms.


Despite all the changes the communication industry has seen over the last few years, the fundamentals still apply. Students will take traditional communications and journalism theory courses, but will learn how to apply them effectively and appropriately to emerging media and communications technologies.


The Digital Media and Communications program teaches audio and video production, journalism, public relations, digital photography, multimedia editing, programming, web development and more. These skills are fine-tuned as students complete their internships, creating graduates that have everything they need to begin a career.

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Communicators belong at Villa. These days, everyone’s a content creator in their own right, but knowing how to use words and pictures to market a business or service is a next-level skill. Here, you’ll master a mix of fundamentals that will ensure you not only know how to tell compelling stories but that you know how to get them noticed by using data and digital media to your advantage.

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Our Faculty 

Assistant Professor, Digital Media and Communications
Jessica Longson

[email protected]

Student Work

At Villa Maria, Digital Media and Communication students work on and contribute to projects that have high visibility and reception out in the community—which means they are continually adding new experiences to their resumes and pieces to feature in their portfolio while they gain real-world experience and make meaningful connections.

In Spring 2024, Villa Maria established its first artist-in-residency, bringing Buffalo’s Poet Laureate, Aitina Fareed-Cooke, to campus. Students worked with Fareed-Cooke and her company, Get Fokus’d Productions, to create this music video. 

The Career Potential

There has been a radical shift in how people communicate. As newspapers fall to the wayside, new websites pop up by the minute. This undeniable change has created an opportunity for students with digital marketing knowledge to succeed in the business world like never before.

Digital Media and Communications graduates will be well versed in the evolving field of Journalism. In addition to studying traditional writing, mass communication and public relations, students will study graphic design, web design, video and audio production and other forms of new media.

Possible Career Paths

With a degree in Digital Media and Communications, some of the types of career paths you could pursue include:

  • Media Planner
  • Business Manager
  • Casting Director
  • Web Designer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Newscaster
  • Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Casting Director
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Publicity Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Media Analyst
  • Announcer
  • Social Media Consultant

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There’s a lot of pressure to know what’s next. We’re here to say, it’s OK if you’re still figuring it out. In fact, it’s great. Villa is a place where that kind of continual discovery is prized. Because going to college isn’t about having it all figured out. It’s about inventing who you’re going to become. You’ll see.

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