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Accepted Students

Accepted Students Day is your first opportunity to get a real taste of the inclusive, supportive community Villa Maria prides itself on being.

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Villa is Home

It’s your first chance to get to know your future classmates and faculty and it gives you the chance to see who you can become and what you can accomplish at Villa.

This year we can’t have you on campus and, to be honest, we’re really bummed about it. So, we’re bringing Accepted Student Day to you! On this page you’ll find a handful of videos from current students, faculty and staff — all the people who call Villa home and would have excitedly welcomed you to campus. Take a look, and see for yourself how the Villa community has helped so many people realize their full potential and become the very best versions of themselves.

New Students

Your Virtual Experience Begins Here!

Start Here.

Watch all four videos. DJ Schier welcomes you to Virtual Accepted Student Day and explains what you can expect. The last three videos in this section are a welcome message from President Giordano, some info on confirming your acceptance from the Office of Admissions and important information about paying for college from Office of Financial Aid. When you’re done, head to section two.

Section 2.

Everyone should watch the first video on the benefits offered to first-year students in the Student Success Center. If you need information on accessibility and the Achieve Program for Students with Learning Differences, please watch videos two and three. If not, continue on to the final section!

Section 3.

The last stop! There’s only one video to watch in this last section. Find your department head for more information on your major!

Almost Done.

Finished the videos? Take the short survey by clicking the ASD Survey button below so we can mail you some Villa swag. If you have any additional questions you would like answered, please reach out to any of our admissions staff pictured below or email us at Thank you!

ASD Survey

Our Staff.

Executive Vice President
Brian Emerson

Director of Admissions
Becky Strathearn

Admissions Counselor
Michael Banko

Admissions Counselor
Samantha Owens

Transfer Specialist
Jillian Torella

Admissions Representative
Myron Washil

Join the family.

The Spring 2021 semester starts on January 18! If there are any questions you have between now and the start of classes, please feel free to reach out to your admissions representative or any of the people you heard from today.

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