Counseling Services
The Counseling Center at Villa Maria College provides professional counseling
in a safe, confidential and comfortable setting.


Services for Every Student

Some people think counseling is only for people who have problems. The fact is, we all have challenges at one point or another. Counseling is for people who want to learn how to become more successful, self aware, independent and resourceful.

Need Help?

The purpose of the counseling process is to help you deal with obstacles in a healthy way, so you can be successful in college and in life. Whether you’re facing issues like depression, anxiety, loss, relationship concerns, or just day-to-day stress, we can assist you in gaining self-awareness and learning specific techniques for coping and overcoming.

Counseling is confidential and free of charge.


Personal Counseling

The personal counseling process can help you sort out your situation, identify obstacles, explore options and create strategies for how to proceed. Counseling is available whether you’re facing personal, educational, interpersonal and/or social concerns. Some concerns may be related to normal development, like relationships. Others may be related to specific issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, substance abuse, or eating disorders.


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help you and your partner improve communication, enhance understanding and deal with relationship issues.



Educational counseling can help you learn strategies for improving time management skills, staying motivated, dealing with test anxiety or public speaking, setting goals, and other related issues that may influence academic performance.


Groups, Workshops & Presentations

Counseling in groups offers a variety of insight and support from members. In the past, we’ve offered both generalized and specialized groups on topics that have ranged from understanding personality types to coping with college demands.


Support for Adult Students

Returning to school can be tough. We can help. Through H.A.N.D.S. (Helping Adults New Dreams Succeed), we offer an active support group that meets regularly throughout the semester. You can learn more about how to successfully juggle multiple responsibilities, including parenting, work, and the demands of college.

We also offer individual counseling to help you evaluate your own unique situation, learn about multiple-role management, and determine how to implement strategies that will help you become successful.


Self-Help Resources

Virtual Pamphlets on a variety of topics are published by College Counseling Centers throughout the nation and made available to college students. You may access these pamphlets through the University of Chicago’s Virtual Pamphlet Collection.

If you need help right away, or would like to talk now, you can also visit our page on ULifeline, which offers a directory of services, and convenient, confidential contact information.

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