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The Care Center at Villa Maria College provides professional counseling in a safe, confidential and comfortable setting.

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Services for Every Student

Some people think counseling is only for people who have problems. The fact is, we all have challenges at one point or another. Counseling is for people who want to learn how to become more successful, self aware, independent and resourceful.

The counseling center provides supportive services to promote emotional well-being, and enhance personal growth that contributes to students’ academic success.

Villa’s counseling staff collaborates with other student life staff to participate in additional programming to assist in the overall development of students. The Villa Maria College Wellness Team, which consists of Health Services and Campus Ministry, provides outreach, activities and small group workshops to help students understand the connection between body, mind, and spirit and promote the dimensions of wellness.


Individual counseling: We have 2 counselors on staff that can provide confidential one on one short term therapy that can help you sort out life barriers, identify obstacles, explore options and create strategies for how to proceed and resolve issues. Whether facing issues like depression, anxiety, loss, relationship concerns or just day-to-day stress, counseling can help students gain self-awareness, identify personal strengths and learn techniques for coping and overcoming obstacles to help develop full potential. Counseling sessions are typically between 30-50 minutes depending on the need.

Group Counseling: This type of confidential counseling allows students to connect with their peers that may be facing similar challenges. Group sessions involve sharing your experiences, listening to others experiences, and creates opportunities to foster connections. Depression, Anxiety and ways to cope, and Coping with College life are just a few topics that will be offered. Student suggestions for topics are encouraged. We want to hear what you need!

Consultations: Our counselors are here for faculty and staff to discuss any concern or problem. You might not even be sure that you need counseling. It could be that you feel that a friend or family member would benefit from support and you do not know where to start. Maybe you just want to meet our therapists to see if we are a good fit to help. You can set up an appointment with a therapist or stop down the counseling center.

Social Work Services: Our professional staff can work with you enhance your overall well-being. A variety of factors including medical, housing, transportation, food, financial difficulties, family and social issues can affect a student’s ability to be successful here at Villa. We can help link you with onsite and Community resources to provide support and guidance during the most challenging of times.

Mediation: Counselors will meet with students involved in a conflict through an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator helps both sides define the issue clearly and understand each other’s position. You must be a student, faculty or staff member of Villa in order to participate and must be willing to engage in the process.

Academic Recovery Program: Villa’s academic recovery program is designed to help students who are struggling academically get back on track. Through an individual meeting you will be introduced to college resources, work on goal setting, identify potential barriers, and create a student success plan. The goal is to assist students in returning to good academic standing.

Awareness Workshops: The Villa counseling staff provides outreach, activities and small group workshops to the entire student community to promote the dimensions of wellness and mental health. Some topics offered are depression, anxiety, social skills, and stress management. The Counseling Center is open to hear suggestions of what topics students would like to see covered.


Making an Appointment
Students may make an appointment by email at [email protected] or at WConline. You can also call the Counseling Center at 961-1821. If you must cancel or change an appointment, please give notice or cancel your reservation at WConline to open the spot to another student. In-person hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM – 5PM, Virtual Monday and Wednesday from 9AM – 5PM.  Click here to a short tutorial on scheduling an appointment.

Initial Appointment
Students will be asked to fill out an intake form with identifying information along with reasons for accessing counseling services. This allows us to clarify concerns and better assist with your needs.

Eligibility for Services
The services offered in the counseling center are free of charge and all enrolled students are eligible to receive these services. Students may be referred off campus if specialty or long-term care is needed. When time and circumstance permits, students on leave, graduates, faculty, administrators and staff members may consult with counseling staff for a referral to a mental health service in the community.

The Counseling Center provides a safe, private, and confidential environment that ensures a positive working relationship with students. Counseling information is not released to anyone without the student’s written permission except in limited circumstances as may be required by law. These limitations may include; if there is a concern that someone may do harm to themselves or someone else, and in the case of mandatory reporting of child abuse/neglect.


The counselor offers presentations and workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Stress before tests- How to manage test anxiety
  • Adjusting to college life – Difficulties that you don’t expect
  • Communication skills and assertive conversations
  • Impulse control
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Balancing life and college responsibilities
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Healthy relationships

Group therapy

  • Depression – tools for uplifting your mood
  • Anxiety and ways to cope
  • Coping with grief
  • Coping with College
  • LGBTQ Groups
  • Navigating the next steps (offers support for upcoming transitions)
  • Vikings with Kids (for students who have kids and need support)

Students are welcome and encouraged to offer ideas on what they feel they need.


If you need help right away, or would like to talk now you can visit our page on  ULifeline which offers a directory of services and convenient confidential contact information.

Virtual Pamphlets on numerous mental health topics are published by Counseling Centers throughout the nation and made available here.

The websites listed below are available to provide information relating to mental and emotional health including: anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, grief, trauma, suicide prevention, relationships and communication, mental health and more.

  • ULifeline: This website is a confidential, online resource center designed specifically for college students where they can be comfortable searching for information they need and want regarding mental health.
  • Self-Evaluator Online ScreeningULifeline also offers an online Self Evaluator, an anonymous screening that may help you recognize and identify problematic behaviors and uncomfortable feelings. The evaluator will help identify problem areas such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and more. The assessment is not intended for diagnostic purposes.  If screening suggests follow-up, you are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center or make an appointment with a mental health professional in the community. The names and locations of mental health resources are available in the Counseling Center.
  • this website includes numerous videos and information on emotional health and connects students to resources
  • National Institute of Mental Health: a comprehensive website is a component of the National Institute of Health
  • a trusted guide to mental and emotional health
  • Allaboutdepression.comaccurate, current, and relevant information about clinical depression to the public
  • Relaxation Exercisesa variety of relaxation exercises as QuickTime files that you can play on your computer
  • NCAA Mental Health: The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes
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