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What it is:
Interlibrary Loan (also called ILL) is a network where individual libraries will, under certain conditions, borrow materials from and lend materials to other libraries in the network. ILL services are available to students, faculty, administration, and staff of Villa Maria College. Alumni, trustees, and AcademicSHARE users are not eligible for ILL services at this time.

How it works:
To get materials from other libraries, users should fill out the above form for each item needed. You may also contact Lucy Waite at [email protected] or 716-961-1863. Users may request books, journal articles, audiovisual media, music CDs, and dissertations/theses intended for classroom use or research. Items that may not be requested include but are not limited to items already owned by the Library, items on reserve, textbooks or other course material, entire journal issues, computer software, or electronic supplemental material access codes.

How much it costs:
There is usually no charge to obtain materials through ILL. Librarians will make every effort to get materials free of charge; if there will be a cost associated with obtaining an item, users will be offered the opportunity to decline completion of the request before charges are incurred.

Item delivery
The length of time it takes for an ILL item to arrive depends on how long it takes the lending library to receive the request and ship the item out. Articles usually but not always arrive within a week. All other materials usually but not always arrive within two weeks. The Library does not guarantee any specific time frame for the arrival of an item. When an ILL item arrives, users will be notified via an email and a phone call. Items that arrive in electronic format (such as articles or book chapters) will be included as attachments to the notification emails. Physical items will be held at the circulation desk for pickup by the user.

Loan Periods
Loan periods are determined by the original lending library for Interlibrary Loan materials. Users may keep ILL books, AV media, CDs, and dissertations/theses for the length of time specified on the ILL Information Slip that accompanies each item. Print photocopies and electronic copies of journal articles are the user’s to keep.

Renewals may or may not be available for these items. Renewals must be requested one week in advance of the due date and are not guaranteed. If a renewal request is denied by the lending library, the item must be returned by the original due date. Users that do not return ILL items by the due date will be charged $1 per day, per item.

When doing research, it is best to plan ahead and allow extra time for ILL requests to process. Starting research early gives you time to gather the best resources for projects.

In a hurry? If the item you need is owned by one of the libraries on the AcademicSHARE program list, you can visit that library and use the resources they have (books, databases, journals, photocopiers, etc.). If you want to borrow books from that library, all you need to do is show your Villa Maria College ID card to the staff at that library and complete their procedures for entering your name in their circulation system.

Information literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, interpret, manage, and use information to answer questions and develop new ones. It also involves the ability to create new knowledge through ethical participation in communities of learning, scholarship, and practice. The purpose of library instruction at Villa Maria College is to help students develop these information literacy skills in both general and specific areas of study.

Information literacy is common to all disciplines, learning environments, and levels of education. It forms the basis for lifelong learning. Villa Maria College is committed to graduating information literate students who can draw upon traditional and electronic resources to satisfy their information needs, whether personal, recreational, educational, or professional.

Please contact Susan Abel-Smith at [email protected] or 716-961-1864 to arrange an information literacy session for your course.

Researchers who need assistance on research projects are welcome to make an appointment to receive personal, one-on-one help. This could include developing research proposals, finding information resources, obtaining source materials etc. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact Lucy Waite at [email protected] or 716-961-1863.

There are 30 computers available in the Library Computer Lab, 6 computers available in the Library Foyer, and 8 computers available in the Library North Room. The Library Computer Lab may at times be reserved for information literacy sessions or other classroom instruction.

There are two multifunction printer/scanner/copier machines in the library connected to our print release system (Papercut). Both can print either black/white or color pages. To print, a user must select the “Papercut Printer on vmc-pcut” and select other additional settings. Black/white, double-sided printing is the default; to print in color, a user must go into the “Print Properties” or “Printer Settings” options and select “Auto Color”. Once the print job has been sent, the user must then swipe his or her Villa ID card at the printer station, choose the print job for release, and then authorize it to printed.

Each user has a declining balance of $25 in his or her Papercut account to use for printing; fees are 4ȼ per page to print in black/white and 16ȼ per page to print in color. Funds can be added to a user’s Papercut account by visiting the Business Office and Computer Services.

The multifunction printer/scanner/copier machines can produce both black/white and color copies. A fee of 4ȼ per black/white page and 16ȼ per color page will be charged to the user’s Papercut balance.

The multifunction printer/scanner/copier machines will do black/white and color scans quickly. It will scan to a flash drive or send scans to a user’s email address.

Fax service for students, alumni, trustees, and AcademicSHARE users is not currently available on campus. For faculty, staff, and administrators, faxing is available in the Business Office.

Video Viewing
Computers in the Library do not have built-in disc drives. External disc drives are available for checkout from the circulation desk.

Other Technology
A small number of laptop computers, headphones, and phone chargers are available for students to use within the library. Laptop/projector carts, tripods and easels are available for faculty, administration, staff, and student use on campus. Off-campus use may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please see the librarian at the circulation desk to borrow these items. Items will be lent out on a first-come, first-serve basis, with classroom/group use taking precedence. Students borrowing laptops will be required to sign a Library Laptop Computer Sign Out Contract prior to their first use of a laptop.

Equipment reservations can be made in advance by speaking with a librarian. Please note that library staff do not deliver equipment; it must be picked up and returned by the borrower.

A variety of other equipment, including microphones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, tripods and iPads are also available for students to use.

The Library now coordinates all accommodated and make-up tests.


To be sure that there will be someone in the Library to proctor your test, please use the link below to sign up for a time slot and let us know when you want to take your accommodated or make-up test. Please be sure to choose the “Testing Center (Library)” schedule when logging in to be sure you are signing up on the correct calendar.


Please send test cover sheets and testing materials to [email protected]. The Test Cover Sheet (in both Word and PDF formats) and more detailed instructions are available below.

If you need help with campus technology, Library resources, or Student Success Center resources, click the button below to see various video tutorials on how to use these tools and services.

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