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Careerwise Greater Buffalo Apprenticeship Program

Earn money and work toward a college certificate or degree, while you gain professional experience.

An Overview of Villa Maria

We have a warm, inclusive, and friendly environment, conveniently located on the East Buffalo/Cheektowaga border. We are the most diverse private college in Western New York, and we have many options for students in the form of student life and clubs, transportation, counseling, accessibility services, and so much more.

Partnership with Careerwise Greater Buffalo

Villa Maria College has partnered with Careerwise Greater Buffalo and a number of WNY businesses and employers to offer the Careerwise Greater Buffalo Apprenticeship at Villa Maria College. The apprenticeship will allow you to earn money, work toward a college certificate or degree, and gain valuable work experience that could potentially lead to full-time employment.

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Small Classes Sizes

Villa has some of the smallest class sizes in WNY. This helps you to get to know your professors on very one-on-one basis. Smaller class sizes also results in stronger relationships with your classmates. Villa boasts an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio.


Villa Maria College is right on NFTA Metro Line #22, with a bus stop right on campus. The 22 runs east-west across the city and connects with many major lines. Parking is ample on campus, and it’s free. You will never have to park your vehicle on the street at Villa.

Hybrid Learning Options

All of the courses offered in the apprenticeship program will be offered in person, so that you can get to know campus, your faculty members, and your classmates. Many courses have evening and online options as well. You will work with our admissions team and academic success coaches to find the right schedule for you.

Student Services.

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Apprenticeship Options

01 Business, Certificate

Study in business administration provides students with opportunities to develop knowledge and critical thinking skills that lend well to a variety of business, marketing, accounting, and management scenarios. The mission of the Certificate in Business Administration is to prepare students with fundamental knowledge and skills to support entry-level positions in business. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (2023), the rate of certificate seeking is on the rise while traditional program enrollments are on the decline. For students interested in upskilling, credentials, or stackable credentials, certificates serve as an entry or completion point for those unable to commit to full-time study. General business administration skills are useful for a variety of employment scenarios. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (2021), business sector jobs are expected to grow at faster than average rates through 2031.

Learning Outcomes
1. Utilize concepts and terminology related to operating a business on a local, national, and international scale.
2. Identify appropriate means for accounting processes, including recording, summarizing, and
reporting financial data by periodic statements.
3. Apply marketing concepts related to marketing functions and research, consumer behavior, and channels of distribution.
4. Discuss organizational effectiveness achieved through management strategies.

02 Digital Media Marketing, Certificate

The Digital Media Marketing Concentration allows students to examine social media and how it has revolutionized marketing practices. Students will consider how businesses and consumers are using popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linked In as well as blogs, online communities, and other technologies. Search engine marketing has become an increasingly popular method of lead generation for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the Digital Media Marketing certificate provides students with an understanding of the Internet marketing industry, data analytics, website performance metrics, and the influence of digital media on modern businesses. A strong emphasis is placed on related ethical and social issues involved with emerging technologies and digital marketing tactics.

This certificate option prepares students with a skill set that will help differentiate themselves in a competitive job market by enhancing skills related to digital media marketing. Those who obtain the Digital Media Marketing certificate will be able to understand and apply principles of marketing and digital/social media marketing, consumer behavior, and e-commerce, web design, and search engine marketing.

Learning Outcomes
1. Apply principles of digital media marketing to a variety of business contexts.
2. Describe ways social media can be used to engage consumers.
3. Discuss challenges and opportunities presented by electronic commerce strategies.
4. Develop basic web design skills to be used in digital media marketing.
5. Strategize approaches for optimal web engine use in digital media marketing.

03 Human Resources, Certificate

Human Resource professionals play an increasingly important role in organizations as strategic business partners. As companies recognize that their greatest competitive advantage is a highly competent, engaged workforce, the human resources function is critical to success. Many organizations are expanding their HR departments to attract and develop talent, adhere to the nation’s changing employment laws and compete in today’s business world. The Human Resources prepares students with knowledge and application of human resource management, labor law, benefits and compensation, and leadership development. This certificate option prepares students with a skill set that will help them help others in the workplace. Those who obtain the certificate in Human Resources will understand how individuals behave and function in work organizations; how to interpret and apply laws and labor relations; benefits and compensation management, conflict management and negotiation; and leadership and employee development.

Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss fair and equitable compensation and benefit programs.
2. Compare organizational issues related to groups and individuals, motivation, leadership,
organizational structure, morale, power, labor-management, and organizational change.
3. Apply employment law and labor relations issues to particular organizational needs.
4. Describe challenges and opportunities in benefits and compensation management.
5. Identify optimal leadership skills for various employment scenarios.

04 Marketing, Certificate

The Marketing Certificate is designed to familiarize students with the marketing process and to provide them with a foundation in the concepts, skills, and tools necessary to successfully enter and advance in a variety of career paths. Those who obtain the Marketing Certificate will understand and apply the principles of marketing and marketing management, marketing research, advertising, and social media marketing.

Learning Outcomes
1. Apply principles of digital media marketing to a variety of business contexts.
2. Describe consumer behavior as it relates to products, services, and consumption activities.
3. Conduct marketing research using research methodologies to inform marketing decision making.
4. Produce an advertising portfolio based upon principles of consumer behavior, persuasion, and advertising copy.
5. Strategize ways to implement social media tools to maximize advertising effectiveness.

05 Computer Software Development, Certificate

The Certificate in Computer Software Development equips students with skills necessary for
employment within the field of software development. Students may find work in a wide range of environments and application areas. Students will apply appropriate tools and methods and adapt to new technologies and applications by being continuous and efficient lifelong learners. TechBuffalo (2023) reports an area need for employees to fill technology positions. This certificate could position students for immediate employment without needing a complete 2-year or 4-year degree.

Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of computer hardware and software.
2. Demonstrate critical thinking in problem-solving skills.
3. Apply logical skills to programming in a variety of languages.
4. Construct computer programs and applications for industry.

06 Business, Associate in Applied Science

The mission of the Business Administration Associate in Applied Science program is to prepare students with fundamental knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in business or to transfer into a baccalaureate business administration program. The program develops students who are knowledgeable, professional, and prepared with core business principles including accounting, economics, management, marketing, human resources, and
law. The acquisition of business knowledge and the critical thinking skills used in strategic decision-making are emphasized. The goal of the program is to provide students the opportunity to identify, interpret and persuasively communicate recommendations that take advantage of their business knowledge. The broad exposure to multiple disciplines prepares students for entry-level employment and/or preparation for a bachelor’s degree program.
Career Potential & Employment Outlook Graduates with associate degrees in business are employed in entry-level positions in banks, insurance agencies, discount and food chains, sales and marketing firms, and real estate organizations. Positions include retail buyers, advertising, sales, human resources, public relations personnel, and telemarketers. Students interested in accounting, finance, management or marketing are encouraged to complete a four-year degree. Most managerial or administrative positions require a bachelor degree.