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Office of Communications

Supporting the academic, recruitment, development and marketing objectives of the college using an integrated approach.

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Working with You to Achieve your Goals

We provide informed counsel and developing projects for internal and external audiences that adhere to the overall objectives and priorities of the college.

We can offer marketing and advertising strategy, writing and graphics suggestions, and assist you in scheduling the job to meet your deadline and budget. It means we put our students first, every single day, and that everyone here has the ultimate goal of helping each of our students meet their academic, social and career goals. It means our experienced faculty members bring their real world experience into the classroom, and spend time teaching students how to apply their talents to the real world. It means we have a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which gives our students almost unlimited access to faculty, facilities and equipment. It means that we offer academic programs, athletic programs and student life programs that give students a complete college experience, and leaves them prepared to succeed after graduation.


From campus publications to social media to press relations, the Office of Communications handles all of the news and content publishing services for the college. Our goal is to foster and build a positive perception and deeper understanding of Villa Maria College and its mission in all of the communities it serves by delivering timely updates, information and news on the college’s activities.

The Office of Communications is responsible for maintaining the quality of content on the College’s website and in print materials. Working with an integrated and consistent approach that adheres to the overall objectives and priorities of the college, we can assist in the scheduling, pricing, layout and design, photography, printing and coordination of printed materials and online updates.

Stay connected with the campus wherever you go by following Villa on a number of social media platforms on the web, all strategically managed by the communications team. The office also provides support for faculty and staff with integrating social media to their classroom, as well as individual and departmental use of the different channels available.

To get started on a new project, e-mail [email protected].

Crisis Communications

  1. The college has established a separate Crisis Communications Policy that is part of the Emergency Operations Plan.
  2. The Director of College Communications is a member of Villa’s Crisis Management Leadership Team and is responsible for working with Public Safety, Facilities and Campus Services and other offices to assess the situation and prepare the College response(s).
  3. The Communications Office coordinates release of information to the media and other internal and external constituents in the event of a crisis or major emergency situation.

Find out more information about the Emergency Message Notification service and sign up to receive notifications where you will likely see them, as a text, email, phone or social media message.

Media and Press Policies

It is expected that direct contact between the college and the media will be initiated by or through the Office of Communications. Having a reliable one-stop shop fosters media confidence in the institution and ensures that the college speaks with “one voice,” especially on sensitive issues.

Communications and marketing staff are available to assist media with contacting other members of the college community. Contact the Office of Communications at 716-961-1889 or by e-mail to [email protected]

Student contact information will not be released by the Office of Communications without permission of the student. In most cases, college staff will ask a student to return the media call. The college switchboard does not release student contact information.

Occasionally, there will be a need for media to contact a member of the administration, faculty or staff at home after regular business hours. The communications and marketing staff will handle these requests with appropriate sensitivity.

Villa Maria Style and Graphic Standards

The style and graphics standards policies must be used and upheld by all departments, offices and/or individuals working to communicate on behalf of the college.

Download the graphic standards quick guide.

E-mail the Office of Communications if you have any questions at [email protected].

Our Environment.

See For Yourself is our rallying cry—a declaration of independence that speaks directly to a student’s desire to make a mark on the world. For them, seeing is believing. There’s nothing more revealing than experiencing something from their own point of view. It starts as an invitation to discover what Villa has to offer, broadening and deepening as students prove their talents, their creativity, and their potential to themselves—and to everyone else. “See for yourself” is a mindset and a lifelong journey of self-discovery, adventure, and testing limits that continues long after a Viking’s time on campus.

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Our Staff.

Director of Communications and Marketing
Kristen Schober

[email protected]

Graphic Designer
Meghan Wienke

[email protected]

Executive Vice President
Brian Emerson

[email protected]

Join the family.

The student body at Villa Maria College is amazing. We’re not caught up in silly segregations based on popularity or hobbies. Everyone gets along—the atmosphere is very welcoming and warm. We are like a giant family.

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