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Microsoft SQL Database System Fundamentals Certificate Program

Villa Maria’s Microsoft SQL Database System Fundamentals Certificate Programs Certificate Program is a six-week course that is professionally designed and delivered and covers the fundamentals of database management systems.

Microsoft SQL Database System Fundamentals Certificate Program

Course are delivered face-to-face on Villa Maria’s centrally-located Buffalo campus in the College’s state-of-the-art computer labs.

Each week students experience approximately 2-hours of instructor-led mini-lectures, readings, and open discussions and an additional 2 hours of hands-on lab exercises.

The Microsoft SQL Database System Fundamentals Certificate Program may be offered at any time, pending student interest. Both weekday and weekend classes are available, and classes can also be held on weekdays in concurrent weeks. Please register or contact us to learn about all options. Classes cap at 12 participants.

Upon completion of the Microsoft SQL Database System Fundamentals Certificate Program course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion from Villa Maria College. 

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Course Description

This course provides a foundation for MSSQL database administration and discusses the fundamental models of database management systems. It covers the definition, development, and management of databases for information systems.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 will be used extensively to convey database concepts, design, and processing.  Topics include normalization, indexing, querying, data analysis, data modeling concurrency, transaction processing and control, security, views, stored procedures, triggers, and backup and recovery.  Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) will be discussed at length as will query building and three-tier applications.


Per course: $1,995
All 7 developer courses: $12,995

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Villa Maria College
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225
Main Building, Room 20


Per course: $1,995
All 7 dev courses: $12,995


Becky Strathearn
Director of Admissions

Course Instructors 

Stephen Rieks
Assistant Professor

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Stephen Rieks is a multi-skilled IT professional with over 25 years’ experience in various areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Application Development, and Systems Administration.  Stephen began his professional career working at Corning Inc. as a contract engineer where he co-designed and co-wrote an application used for measuring the quality of fused silica (glass) that later Corning patented. Stephen spent much of his professional career working at Syracuse University where he continuously took on larger roles and additional responsibilities cumulating as the Director of Administrative Computing Services (ACS).  As Director of ACS, Stephen and his team of 18 IT professionals supported many of the administrative business units throughout Campus and the Carrier Dome.

Stephen left Syracuse in 2015 to assume the role of Chief Information Officer at SUNY Fredonia where he spent the next five plus years modernizing and transforming ITS into an innovative, customer focused department.  

Throughout Stephen’s 25-year career as a forward-thinking IT leader, he also served as an adjunct instructor at Syracuse University and SUNY Fredonia where he taught classes in system administration, database technologies, IT project management, data modeling, and various business courses. 

Stephen joined Villa Maria College in the spring of 2021 as an Assistant Professor where he teaches various courses in Computer Software Development, IT Project Management, Web Development, and Database Systems. 

Stephen holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Human Resources and an MS in Information Management, both from Syracuse University, a BS in Photonics from SUNY Polytechnic, and an AS and AAS from Cayuga Community College.

Angela Rieks
Assistant Professor

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Angela Ramnarine-Rieks Ph.D. teaches courses related to content management, data science, programming, information policy, and change management at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. She is a new part time instructor at Villa College, teaching introductory computing.

As a researcher, Angela has a keen interest in understanding the implications in the adoption and adaptation of new technologies in organizations. Ramnarine-Rieks is currently part of a research team exploring the socio-technical impacts of the smart grid phenomenon in the energy industry. Exposure to this domain began with postdoctoral work with the smart grid research team at Syracuse University. Her other research track explores integrating computational and data thinking into literacy, or to restate, supports the premise that all members of society should learn to code given its priority in the future of work.

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