Tuition and Affordability

2017-2018 Tuition Costs

Choosing to make the investment into earning a college degree from a private college is a big deal, both for your future and financially. Our Office of Financial Aid works hard to make Villa an affordable option without compromising the high quality education you can expect to receive. In fact, 99% of all Villa students receive some form of financial aid and 96% of students receive Villa-funded grants and scholarships. We’re here to guide you to success at every step of the way. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 716-961-1850 with any questions you may have about financing your education.

Tuition per semester (full-time): $10,415
Tuition per credit hour (part-time): $695

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.

Full-time: $285
Part-time: $105

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.

Full-time: $85
Part-time: $25

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.

Per credit: $225

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.

Half-hour sessions: $400
One hour sessions: $790

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.


As you conduct your college search, consider each school’s academic offering, student support system and overall atmosphere. Where do you see yourself not just studying, but growing and succeeding? Whatever you do, don’t rule out your dream school on sticker price alone. At Villa, our Office of Financial Aid will work with you to make your dream of attending college a reality. We’ll work with you to find scholarships, grant and aid that make Villa Maria College not only the best option, but an affordable one.

Payment Information

In this section, you’ll find information on accepted payment methods, establishing a payment plan, tuition deferment and refunds. If you have any questions or concerns about the information below, please give our Business Office a call at 716-961-1883. Paying for college can be an overwhelming endeavor, but we’re here to help facilitate the process.

Villa Maria College accepts cash, credit cards, personal and bank checks, and money orders. Payments may be submitted or mailed to the Business Office. Checks should be made payable to Villa Maria College. A $35 service charge will be assessed if the check is returned for any reason by the bank.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, payment may be made by phone or by mail using the tuition payment form and your Visa or MasterCard.

Payments by mail should be sent to:

Villa Maria College
Business Office
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

All payments are processed on the day they are received.

Villa’s monthly payment plan divides your tuition balance into four installments that are due monthly throughout the semester. Each payment is calculated as 25% of the tuition balance. The due dates for each installment plan are as follows:

January 16, 2018
February 12, 2018
March 12, 2018
April 16, 2018

Monthly Payment Form

Complete the Monthly Payment Agreement available on-line and in the Business Office. Submit the first installment with the agreement form and the one-time $40 processing fee by the tuition due date of January 16, 2018. Late fees will be added to your account if payments are not received in the Business Office by the dates specified above. Monthly statements will not be mailed; therefore, it is your responsibility to retain the tuition guidelines and due dates provided here for your records and to be aware of when payments are due to avoid any late fees.


Tuition payments may be deferred ONLY through one of the following three methods:

1. Completed Financial Aid Package: The Financial Aid Office must have notification of ALL completed paperwork by the tuition due date of August 21, 2015. Be sure to complete and return ALL paperwork sent to you by the Financial Aid staff. Any balance not covered by financial aid must be paid by the tuition due date.

2. Employer’s Tuition Reimbursement Plan: The Business Office requires a copy of the tuition reimbursement policy from the employer and tuition can be deferred until the end of the semester. The employer’s policy guidelines and any balance not paid by the employer must be submitted to the Business Office by the tuition due date.

3. Established Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition can also be deferred in part by setting up a monthly payment plan. See section above for instructions on how to establish a monthly payment plan.

Refunds will be processed after all financial aid monies are received by the College and checks are mailed to students’ address on file.

Each semester students may request to pick up their refund check in the Business Office by written request by filling out a Request for Refund Check to be Held. The form is also available in the business office.

Refund Policy on Fully-Paid Tuition

Tuition Refund Policy

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