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Tuition Costs

Current and incoming students will find all the information they need on paying bills, payment plans, meal plans, parking tickets, and more. For general inquiries, please call Villa’s Business Office at 716-961-1811.


Fall 2023 & Spring 2024
Tuition per semester (full-time): $13,765
Tuition per credit hour (part-time): $915
Course Overload: $915

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.



Full-time: $285
Part-time: $105

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.

Orientation Fee

Full-time: $50
Part-time: $50

**Please note the costs of all fees are subject to change.

Student Activity Fee

Full-time: $260
Part-time: $185

**Please note the costs of all fees are subject to change.


Per credit: $245

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.


Music Industry Lessons: $350
Music BA Lessons: $990

*Fees may be added for courses requiring a course fee.
**Please note these costs are subject to change.

Advanced Placement

Villa Maria College maintains agreements with local high schools, BOCES, and rigorous after school initiatives relative to programs that provide for academic credit in specific courses. Agreements provide students the opportunity to earn college-level credit by successfully completing a course in high school. Courses available for credit are based on a formal agreement between the high school and Villa Maria College. Check with the Office of Admissions or your high school guidance counselor for further information.

The cost for an Advanced Placement student is $250.00 per three-credit course.

Student Accounts Office FAQs

Payment Information

Tuition payments may be made either by phone or at the Villa Maria Business Office by cash, check or Visa/Mastercard.

Use the information below to make arrangements to pay your tuition in a way that makes the best sense for you. Tuition & fees for the semester need to either be paid in full, or a payment plan needs to be set up by the first day of class. There is an additional $40.00 fee added when signed up for the payment plan. Complete this form to pay your tuition with a credit card. If you set up a monthly payment plan, view the payment schedule here.

Payment Methods

Villa Maria College accepts cash, credit cards, personal and bank checks, and money orders. Payments may be submitted or mailed to the Business Office. Checks should be made payable to Villa Maria College. A $35 service charge will be assessed if the check is returned for any reason by the bank.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, payment may be made by phone or by mail using the credit card payment form and your Visa or MasterCard.

Payments by mail should be sent to:

Villa Maria College
Business Office
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

All payments are processed on the day they are received.

Monthly Payment Plans

Monthly payment agreements can be found in the forms section below.

Complete the Monthly Payment Agreement available online and in the Business Office. Submit the first installment with the agreement form and the one-time $40 processing fee by the tuition due date. Late fees will be added to your account if payments are not received in the Business Office by the dates specified above. Monthly statements will not be mailed; therefore, it is your responsibility to retain the tuition guidelines and due dates provided here for your records and to be aware of when payments are due to avoid any late fees.

International Student Payments


Preferred payment method for international students

Villa Maria College has partnered with PayMyTuition for international payments to Villa. With PayMyTuition, you can make payments from any bank, in any country in any currency, at better than bank exchange rates. You can use this service to pay tuition and fees.


Additional Information on PayMyTuition

How to make a payment – step-by-step PDFs

Payment Step English

Payment Step Arabic

Payment Step Bernese

Payment Step Dutch

Payment Step Farsi

Payment Step French

Payment Step German

Payment Step Hindi

Payment Step Japanese

Payment Step Korean

Payment Step Portuguese

Payment Step Punjabi

Payment Step Simplified Chinese

Payment Step Spanish

Payment Step Swedish

Payment Step Traditional Chinese

Payment Step Turkish

Payment Step Vietnamese

PayMyTuition customer support information

Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at [email protected] or through their support page.

No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.

Tuition Deferment

Tuition payments may be deferred ONLY through one of the following three methods:

1. Completed Financial Aid Package: The Office of Financial Aid must have confirmation of completed financial aid applications by the tuition due date of August 25, 2022. Be sure to complete all requests for information sent to you by the Financial Aid staff. Any balance not covered by financial aid must be paid by the tuition due date.

2. Employer’s Tuition Reimbursement Plan: The Business Office requires a copy of the tuition reimbursement policy from the employer and tuition can be deferred until the end of the semester. The employer’s policy guidelines and any balance not paid by the employer must be submitted to the Business Office by the tuition due date.

3. Established Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition can also be deferred in part by setting up a monthly payment plan. See section above for instructions on how to establish a monthly payment plan.


Financial Aid refunds will be processed ten business days after financial aid monies are received by the College. The date on the student bill represents the date financial aid monies have been received. You can check the status of your refund by reviewing your statement available on your student portal. Refund checks will be mailed to the address on file.

Refund Policy on Fully-Paid Tuition

Tuition Refund Policy

Bus Passes

You are able to request monthly bus passes provided to Villa by the NFTA. The cost of a monthly bus pass is $75.00/month. You may use your financial aid to pay for this, and/or pay for it out of pocket. You must notify the business office two weeks in advance every month requesting it to be ordered as we do not automatically re-order for each student. Payment must be received PRIOR to the distribution of the passes, no exceptions. For more information and the application, click here.


Each semester students will start out with $25.00 on your ID card for printing. If you would like additional funds added to your card, you must come to the Business Office to make payment, then Computer Services will upload the funds to your card. Funds will only transfer over from the Fall to Spring semester.


All transcript requests are now processed through the National Student Clearinghouse. Complete this form to request a transcript.


Lockers are to be paid for at the Villa Maria business office for $5.00. At the end of the semester when your locker is handed back in at Felician Hall, you may then collect $3.00 back from business office.


The following regulations are in effect during the fall, spring, and summer sessions:

  • All cars registered in Felician Hall.
  • The parking sticker is displayed on the driver’s side rear window
  • The campus speed limit is 15 mph
  • Cars are parked between yellow lines

No Parking Areas
1. Breezeway on either side of the Main Building. The breezeway is not to be used for waiting purposes or parking, this is a walkway between buildings
2. Fire lanes—space nearest the buildings (unlined)
3. Any unlined areas or areas marked with diagonal lines
4. Parking spaced labeled for visitors.

Parking stickers are to be obtained in Felician Hall at the front desk. A parking sticker is valid for the duration of time a student is enrolled at Villa Maria College. A parking sticker must be obtained for each car used on campus. iv. All offenders of parking regulations are subject to a student conduct violation and/or parking ticket issued by Campus Security. Fines are to be paid in the Business Office within five school days after receiving a parking violation ticket. Grades will be withheld until all fines are paid. Cars illegally parked in the handicapped area are subject to being towed away at the owner’s expense.

Villa Maria College is not responsible for injury to any person or damage to any vehicle. Drivers assume the responsibility of reporting incidents to the police and to the Business Office.

Collegiate Village

Villa Maria College partners with Collegiate Village to offer its students a safe and centrally-located place to life. Located just two miles from campus, Collegiate Village offers students fully furnished apartments that include a washer and dryer in each apartment, complete kitchens and more. Other amenities include a movie theatre, fitness center, pool, video game room and more. Click here to for more information on living at Collegiate Village.

Click here to complete the Collegiate Village Payment Authorization Form.

Meal Plans & the Villa Bistro

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
  • Friday: 8:30 AM-2:00 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Continental breakfast will be available until 11:00 AM
Lunch will be available until 2:00 PM with an expanded salad and sandwich offering.
Grab and Go items will be available until 5:30 PM, along with select made-to-order grill items.

Currently there is one meal plan:

$380 – Students receive 30 meals and $125 in Bistro Bucks. This does not carry over from semester to semester.

Semester Bistro Bucks

Full Time Students receive $75 in Bistro Bucks for the semester. This does not carry over from semester to semester.
Part Time Students receive $25 in Bistro Bucks for the semester. This does not carry over from semester to semester.
Additionally, if a person purchases $45 in Bistro Bucks, they are given $5 in Add-On Bistro Bucks.

Bistro Bucks:

You may add additional Bistro Bucks to your card throughout the semester by visiting: or stopping in to the Business Office. Bistro Bucks may only roll over from Fall to Spring semester. They may not roll over from Spring to Fall. You may not use your financial aid to purchase additional Bistro Bucks.

*If you misplace your ID card during the semester, you must report it stolen to the Business Office as the meal plan points and/or bistro bucks cannot be reimbursed otherwise. Reimbursement will be subject to approval by the Vice President for Business Affairs only.

Click here to complete the Meal Plan Request Form.

Viking Ride

Villa Maria College has partnered with Lyft to provide students a new mobility resource for improved, reliable transportation to and from campus. Starting on the first day of classes, current students will receive $40 per month that will be accessible directly through your personal Lyft app.

Program Overview:

  • $40 Lyft ride credits per month
  • Available 7 AM – 11:59 PM daily
  • Rides must start or end on campus
  • Valid on Standard Lyft rides only

Learn more at

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Vice President of Finance
Rick Pinkowski

[email protected]

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