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Visit Villa: Schedule an Individual Visit

Schedule an Individual Visit

Villa Maria College will be resuming in-person visits as of June 8, 2020. Use the button below to schedule an appointment to learn more about becoming a Villa Viking. You’ll meet with an admissions counselor one-on-one and see for yourself how Villa’s small campus feels like a big community. Discuss potential academic and athletic paths, learn more about Villa’s customized support services, and begin the admissions process! The College will be practicing social distancing and will have PPE on-hand for all visitors.

Fall Open House

Fall Open House

Going to College isn’t about having it all figured it out. It’s about figuring it all out. At Villa Maria College, it’s OK if you’re still figuring out what’s next. In fact, it’s encouraged. Villa is a place where that kind of exploration and continual discovery has been prized since our founding in 1961. Because going to college isn’t about having it all figured out–it’s about inventing who you’re going to become. You’ll see.

Visit Villa at our Fall Open House and learn about our 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and the 99% of students who receive financial aid. Get more information about our programs in computer software design, game design, digital filmmaking, graphic design and get involved in our athletics program. We will have social distancing guidelines in place for the safety of all. Everyone is asked to sign up for a time slot to limit the number of people on campus at one time. Call/text 716.462.5037 with questions!

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A Closer Look at Our Academic Programs

At Villa Maria College, we’re all about knowledge, inquiry, imagination – and setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning and creativity. As a student here, you will not only gain access to the highest level of professional training, but you’ll also be exposed to new ideas, challenged to break out of your comfort zone, and encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of the world around you.

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