Develop a distinctive portfolio of images that showcase the creative, storytelling, and communication skills important to an increasingly visual culture.



Villa Maria’s Photography program can offer you:

  • A two-plus-two model. The associate degree curriculum is imbedded into the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum allowing you to enter directly into the B.F.A. program or to move seamlessly into the program following successful completion of the associate degree.
  • An in-depth exploration of all things digital. Continuing developments of digital technology are explored throughout the photography curriculum and are thoroughly examined in courses dedicated to digital imaging. Instruction is provided on Macintosh computers and in college digital imaging labs.
  • A focus on the fundamentals. The Photography program aims to develop both studio skills and artistic expression. You’ll learn studio lighting skills, darkroom techniques, and control of all camera formats including large format, medium format, 35mm and digital. You’ll also learn technical skills, the conceptual and critical analysis of photography through coursework on the history of art and photography, and contemporary photographers, artists and their practice.

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The Career Potential

Throughout the country, our graduates compete for jobs that involve all aspects of photography, digital imaging and photographic art making. They usually enter the job market at entry-level positions and move up the career ladder as their skills and experience increase.

For instance, employment opportunities are available in:

  • Commercial photography studios
  • Galleries
  • Portrait studios
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Professional and commercial processing labs
  • Camera stores
  • Digital imaging studios
  • Hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Corporations
  • Public relations firms
  • Stock agencies
  • As photographer assistants
  • Freelancing

Fine Art photographers with exceptional ability may receive recognition for their work and exhibit in galleries. Some move into supervisory positions and/or open their own studios.

The Facilities

  • A dedicated photography computer lab equipped with 13 high-end Macintosh computers, a large format printer capable of printing up to 24 inches wide and a printer capable of printing up to 14 inches wide.
  • 3 darkrooms tailored to different image processes. The large black and white darkroom has 15 enlarger stations conducive to printing up to medium format. There is a large format darkroom and a darkroom for developing large format negatives as well as for alternative processes. The darkrooms have superior ventilation systems conducive to working with chemicals.
  • A photography studio with a large open space used to create and set up a variety of subjects. It is fashioned with various backdrops and lighting equipment including strobe units to create professional photographs.
  • A work space provided for students to finish their work including mounting and framing.


The Requirements

Our Faculty

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Professor, Photography

Laura Snyder

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Professor, Photography

Mike Bosworth

[email protected] • 716.961.1829

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