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AI and Graphic Design: Evolving With Technology

Will AI replace graphic designers? With the rapid rise of AI in recent years, many creatives wonder. Generative AI and AI-assisted tools are available everywhere now and enable even those without an understanding of graphic design principles to make content in just a matter of seconds. So, it’s normal to worry about being a graphic designer in the AI age. However, graphic designers should view AI as just another tool in their kit that, when used correctly, can make creating more efficient, raise quality, and inspire new, unique ideas.

The Rise of AI In Graphic Design

Digital tools have been a part of graphic design for decades now. However, the mainstream introduction of AI, such as Open AI’s DALL-E, has shaken things up. AI tools are widely available and many are integrated into tools most students use daily, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Whether a user uses AI tools to speed up the design process or creates images from written prompts, it can feel like AI has suddenly turned everyone into a graphic designer. Of course, that brings about concerns about job security and longevity.

Using AI to Collaborate, Not Replace

For all the things that generative AI can do, it can’t replicate human creativity. Since these tools pull from previously created works, much of generative AI’s output leans toward generic. In today’s ultra-competitive consumer landscape, generic work just doesn’t cut it. Creative graphic designers with strong foundational skills who have adjusted to using AI tools may flourish in the coming years because they know what it takes to create strong designs that truly connect with audiences.

Work More Efficiently

One of the best uses for AI is to reduce time spent working on repetitive, laborious tasks. Streamlining tasks like resizing images, applying filters, and configuring layouts allows graphic designers to work faster and cut down on smaller tasks that would otherwise slow down the creative process. It also allows designers to spend more time brainstorming the creative aspects of their work.

Improve Design Quality

AI-assisted tools are great for polishing designs. Tasks like enhancing sharpness, removing imperfections, adding in small details, and other subtle adjustments can all be made quickly and to a high degree. That means high-quality end products for designers and those they’re designing for.

Overcome Creative Blocks

Overcoming challenges in graphic design often starts with working out creative blocks. AI can be useful for ideation, including creating base images to work from, proposing color schemes, and suggesting fonts.

Study Graphic Design at Villa

AI for graphic design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Graphic designers must be able to adapt to using AI as it becomes more accessible and accurate. Villa Maria College prepares its students for success in their careers and that includes teaching them to evolve with the latest technological advances. Reach out today to learn more about our graphic design program!