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Villa Maria College Statement on New York State Tuition Programs

By April 12, 2017Business


Villa Maria College is committed to providing an outstanding private, Catholic college experience at an affordable price for all students who desire to study with us. As the premiere student-centered institution in Western NY, we offer generous financial aid packages to students so that they can experience the supportive and nurturing environment that we offer to students.

In light of the many changes to funding in higher education in the latest New York State budget, Villa Maria College is exploring all financial options that will enhance access to our dynamic programs and supportive campus, including participation in the NYS Enhanced Tuition Awards program. We will honor the scholarships and financial aid packages that we have offered to our students, both current and new. In addition, we will explore options from cost-cutting to increasing financial aid, in order to help our students and their families attend our special campus. Unlike new state funded scholarship programs, Villa Maria’s financial aid will not be impacted by state budgets that change annually, nor any dictates that limit a student’s ability to choose their own paths after graduation. We invite any students or family members of students who have questions about the new NYS tuition programs to contact our Financial Aid office at 716.961.1849. Future announcements about financial aid and affordability will be made through the College’s website