To the High School Class of 2020: Don’t Abandon College Plans

To the High School Class of 2020: Don’t Abandon College Plans

To the High School Class of 2020: Don’t Abandon College Plans 150 150 Villa Maria College

Earlier this month, Villa Maria College President Dr. Matthew Giordano collaborated with a community-wide partnership to send an important message to the recent high school graduates: finish high school strong, and strive to fulfill your college plans this fall. 

Leadership from the Buffalo Public Schools, Say Yes Buffalo, Villa Maria College, Medaille College, SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY Erie, and the Buffalo College Success Network wants to make sure families have the information they need to make good decisions about attending college, in spite of the pandemic. 

Villa Maria College has instituted a flexible admissions process to help mitigate some of the concerns brought on by the pandemic. The details of the new process, which is now in effect, are as follows: 

  • Deposit Requirement is Lifted: Incoming students are not required to pay a deposit to secure their spot in the Fall 2020 class. Instead, students will receive a deposit waiver form that should be signed and returned to the College. 
  • Rolling Acceptance: Villa Maria does not have an application deadline. Because you do not have to send in a deposit by May 1, students can be accepted into the College as they apply. 
  • No Application Fee: There is never an application fee to apply to Villa. 
  • Test Optional: Do not worry about the SAT and ACT being canceled; Villa does not require them for admissions. 
  • Provisional Acceptance: During this time, all applicants will receive an acceptance decision based on their unofficial transcripts. These can be obtained via self-service student portals. Students will not have to wait until schools re-open to apply or be accepted. 
  • Quick Response: Villa is committed to reviewing and responding to applications quickly. We will work with students over the phone, email, text, or on video to help them through the admissions process. 
  • Personalized Financial Aid: We will re-evaluate all financial aid packages upon request. If you have been given a financial aid package and your financial situation has changed, let us know and we will re-evaluate your aid. 

      Maybe the pandemic has changed your outlook on going to college,” said Dr. Giordano. “Maybe full-time enrollment at a residential campus just isn’t realistic given your circumstances. Or, maybe youre hesitant to enroll because some courses will be held virtually. We’re asking you to be flexible. You have options. You could commute for a semester or take courses parttime that could accommodate your work schedule. Remember, online and hybrid courses will be vastly improved in the fall as higher education learns from the spring and has plenty of time to prepare for the future.”    

      “Now, more than ever, it’s critical for high school graduates to pursue their college ambitions,” Dr. Giordano continued. “In this new post-pandemic economy, a college degree will be absolutely vital to securing quality employment. Stay the course!” 

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