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One of the biggest losses of the Spring 2020 semester is the cancellation of all in-person end-of-year shows. These shows are annual opportunities for students to showcase the work they’ve created over the course of the academic yearFor graduating seniors, these shows are the culmination of their college careers – their final chance to display what they have learned during their time at Villa.  

Hosting these shows in the digital space is certainly not the same as the Villa community gathering together to celebrate our students and their work. This year, however, it is the only way we can share our students’ work, and we’d be remiss not to do so. 

The College is proud to present the following 2020 Virtual Showcases: 

“It is inspiring to see the creative and innovative work Villa students have produced in their virtual senior shows,” said Dr. Ann Rivera, Villa Maria’s dean of faculty. “While we would have preferred to celebrate their achievements in person, the virtual format allows our students talent to be recognized and shared with the community.” 

Despite an unprecedented shift to the academic year, Villa students persevered and completed the semester as strongly as ever before. The work displayed in these virtual showcases is as high quality as always – the type of work you can expect to see from Villa students year after year.