2020 Interior Design Show


Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, students studying Interior Design at Villa Maria College create professional renderings of office spaces, hotels/hostels and lofts. The elements that are incorporated into each of these spaces are drawn from the concepts students learn about in the classroom.

Typically, students display physical copies of their renderings and present their spaces to a classroom full of their classmates, faculty and a panel of local interior design professionals. After they share their work, they take questions and accept valuable feedback that is used to improve the quality of these and future projects. This year, students took their presentations online. The format was different, but our students persevered, delivering the same impressive, creative and energetic work as always.

For our underclassmen, these projects will serve as building blocks for future projects. Students can rely on all they’ve learned so far to grow as practitioners of interior design in pursuit of their degree. For our seniors, they are a representation of all they have learned during their time as an Interior Design student at Villa Maria College. The final project you have to complete before receiving a diploma. The very last item on a years-long checklist.

This was not the spring semester we had imagined but, as they do with everything, our students made the best of an unexpected and difficult situation. Underclassmen, we’ll see you in the fall. Seniors, we wish you as the best in the future. You’ve put in the time. You’ve done the work. You’ve earned all the success that is sure to come your way. Keep in touch.

Sarah Filkhorn

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