2020 Photography Senior Show


We are very proud of the graduating seniors in the Photography BFA Program. Normally, seniors would each have a solo show at a WNY gallery with a reception surrounded by their family, friends, colleagues and faculty. This year, due to the restrictions related to COVID-19, we are celebrating the student’s hard work virtually. The senior’s work is a culmination of 4 years of honing their photography skills and practice, critiques with faculty and peers, working on-location, in lighting studios, with professionals during internships, and many hours at their computers perfecting their images. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, and we wish you well in your future endeavors.

There are many other students (freshman, sophomores and juniors) represented here among the graduates who have worked very hard this semester finishing their projects and have some amazing, creative work. We look forward to next semester! — Laura Snyder, Professor of Photography and Michael Bosworth, Professor of Photography

Our Graduating Seniors

Erika Moeller

Jaclyn Churchill

Monica Bates

Erin Barberio

Erika Moeller

Artist statement: Connection is an on-going photographic portrait project of couples at different stages of their relationships. These documents are just a small piece of two people’s stories at a specific time in their lives. Looking back at photographs is an important part of understanding our own stories and the importance of documenting such special times in our lives. A photograph of two people can hold so much emotion and meaning. The goal of this portrait project was to document the love of two people who have a very real connection. These portraits capture couples interacting with each other as though the camera wasn’t there. The photos show genuine laughter, love and happiness. This is the aspiration of my photography. See more of Erika’s work at emoellerphoto.myportfolio.com.

Jaclyn Churchill

Artist statement: My photography practice is centered in portraiture. For my project “Appearance in Portraits,” I brought my friends and family outdoors to capture them within the natural environment. Taking my influence from da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the subject is meant to contrast the natural landscape. I photographed my models from both afar and up close to draw the viewer’s attention to the environment and the subjects fashion sense. Fashion and photography are very important to me and have greatly transformed my life. Both have given me the confidence and boldness that I have today. I wanted to capture my models’ sense of style and set them within a unique environment that complimented them. I love to photograph the people in my life and to document the fashion through which they express themselves. See more of Jaclyn’s work at jaclynrose.myportfolio.com.

Monica Bates

Artist Statement: I am interested in creating a series of images that allow the viewer to create their own story from what they are seeing. I want to convey emotion through my images, but not force my viewers to have that same emotion I felt. I want to communicate that just because people aren’t always seemingly perfect in the way that they look, doesn’t mean they don’t hold beauty and grace. I think the fact that you don’t show perfection in of itself is what makes you beautiful. The subjects of my show are going to be a collection of people showcasing different looks with makeup and glitter. I am going to illuminate their faces with different colored lighting and incorporate the use of gel filters. The makeup that they will be wearing isn’t going to be something you would just see every day. It is going to be over the top and ‘out there’. By displaying the people in this way, everyone will have their own opinions of where the beauty lies. By adding the gels and colored lighting this will add a sort of “filter” to the person. My work is informed by how there is so much judgement daily directed towards people on social media and how they look. There is so much pressure to look perfect in every photo you post. I want to show people that just because you don’t “look perfect” doesn’t mean that the beauty doesn’t lie within. I am going to use different lights and gels, along with makeup and glitter to create these looks. I like to shoot in unusual places, normally where you wouldn’t think beauty lies. For example, one of my shoots was done in a garage. By having a nice amount of bokeh and natural lighting, I was able to create a beautiful image somewhere you wouldn’t normally see as beautiful. I honestly want my audience to have their own opinions and thoughts on how they see my images. Sure, I would love them to understand my process and agree with what I was trying to portray, however I understand that people don’t always think the same way that I do. That being said I want people to come feeling comfortable enough to share their thoughts and views on my show. See more of Monica’s work at batesphoto.myportfolio.com.

Erin Barberio

Artist Statement: By combining animals and landscape through multiple exposures I was reintroducing two subjects that became estranged in our modern society. I had somewhat always had animals, so my loved for animals grew. Because I had animals around me, I had easy access to practice with. I also didn’t grow up in the city. I always lived in the suburbs, so I don’t like the ‘crowdness’ of the city. With nature, it’s the opposite, it’s not tight or loud, its quiet. I had combined animals and nature/landscapes because my loved for animals and the looked of nature. The idea behind this was to show that no matter how tame the animal, it’s still had some wild side. I was putting nature into the animal from inside a house. There were 9 scrolls, 6 canvases, 4 traditional framed photographs, and a single 40″ x 60″print made up of 100 small photographs. The scrolls and canvas photos were printed on canvas photo paper and the framed photographs were printed on Luster photo paper. The giant 40″ x 60″ made up of 100 small photographs was printed on glossy photo paper. All of the scrolls and canvases are 20″ x 26″ while the luster framed photos are 18 x 24″ and the giant 100 images into one is 40” x 60.” See more of Erin’s work at ebarberio.myportfolio.com.

Alexis Sevrey

Alyssa LaMartina

Bek Gaczewski

Gretchen Wylegala

Keishla Manzano

Luke Saraceno

Sarah Christian

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