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Main Building Terrace Maintenance

By October 4, 2013March 5th, 2014Campus Blog

Beginning today October 4th, the iconic stairs leading up to the main building will be under construction.

Maintenance on the terrace will focus on the stairs, balusters, and other stonework, with most of the crumbled stairway being refinished or replaced. The front façade will be power washed and the medallion will also be repaired.

Villa Maria College Construction Day One

Workers install protective tarps outside the work zone.

This is a major improvement project for the college and will restore the visual focal point of our campus.

Construction will go on for 2-3 months. We are hopeful that work will be finished before we get too deep into winter, but if snow begins to fall soon, work will be postponed until it can resume in the spring.

Until the repairs are completed, the front entrance will be inaccessible. The interior doors are tied with a pink ribbon for safety. During construction no one will be able to use the front entrance, so please use the side doors to access the main building.