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Submit Pieces to Skald
Work is beginning on the 2018 issue of Skald, so as you make new pieces, and prepare your projects, please keep in mind the following details.
All submitted work must include a Submission Form, or be uploaded using the form below. You can download that form here if you need to print it out and submit it with a two or three-dimensional piece, outside M200. Pieces submitted this way will be photographed. Written work may be submitted below as well, or delivered to Professor Kessel in Felician Hall. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can enter.

Submitting your digital images
1. Format your image at least 5 inch x 7 inch(approx.) 300dpi RGB or CMYK file.
2. With your file open in Photoshop, go to File>File Info and put the title of the piece, your name, and a description of the piece in the document description.
3. Save your file as a High Quality JPEG or TIFF (without layers, no image compression and Macintosh Byte order.)
4. Name the file with your last name and a number, eg. bosworth1.jpg
5. Upload the files to the form below.

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