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Building a film fanny pack for grip and electric equipment

Film and video sets are notoriously hectic. They’re physically and mentally taxing, as they require long hours with short breaks daily until the project is done. Everyone in the crew has to know their role and execute it quickly and seamlessly to keep on schedule. While on-set grip and electric crew members usually have a toolbox or tool belt with them, there are plenty of other small and significant items they should have ready at hand that won’t fit in a tool kit. A well-stocked film fanny pack can be your best friend for these items since it’ll always be there with what you need, right when you need it.

Why Assemble a Film Fanny Pack

Being good at your job is one thing; being prepared for it is another. Working on set is all about staying on schedule and being efficient. If you don’t have an item on your person, you might be out of luck, as crew members can’t just walk around a set on a whim. A fanny pack (or shoulder or hip bag if you don’t like fanny packs) is a must-have piece of hands-free filmmaking gear for beginners looking to become seasoned professionals in the industry.

Notebook and Pens

On-set grip and electric crew members are responsible for rigging and setting up lighting and cameras for every scene. Naturally, they may have to take notes or jot down ideas on how to accomplish a task. They may even need to keep track of numbers or addresses on the fly. Having paper and a writing utensil handy is invaluable in those moments.

Cable Ties

Good cable management would be nearly impossible without cable ties. There’s nothing worse than setting up a shot perfectly only to notice a stray wire visible in the scene, except not having any cable ties that you can grab right away to fix the issue. Cable ties keep wires neat, organized, and out of the way.

Laser Pointer

Laser pointers are great for the on-set grip and electric crew in particular. Rather than walking back and forth across the set, the crew can conveniently signal at equipment, certain locations, or people. This minimizes disturbances and gets the job done faster.


Production crew members can never have enough batteries. A lot of videography equipment is powered by batteries or battery packs, so having a spare on hand can definitely be a big life-saver on set.

First Aid Kit

You may not be able to fit an entire first aid kit into your bag, but it’s good to have some of the basic essentials like bandages and antibiotic ointment. Even with a priority on safety, being an on-set grip and electric crew member is a physically demanding job, so scrapes and bruises can be very common.

Walkie Talkie

Quick, clear communication is huge on a film set. Not only is it important that on-set grip and electric crew members understand walkie code and conduct, but it’s also critical they have their walkie on them at all times. Rather than putting the walkie in the film fanny pack, crew members can clip their walkie to it, which keeps it hands-free and easily accessible.