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Breaking Barriers: How the Benefits of Flag Football Empower Women Athletes

By September 25, 2023Athletics

In an era where the call for gender equality resonates louder than ever, sports continue to undergo revolutionary transformations. Enter flag football—a game that not only challenges the norms of traditional football but also creates an empowering platform for women athletes. Thanks to support from the NFL and the introduction of the sport into collegiate conferences, women’s flag football teams are sprouting up around the country, including at Villa. Now, women and girls get to enjoy the benefits this sport brings its players.

It’s Very Accessible

Even though flag football is similar to its traditional counterpart, this version of the game is far more accessible. There’s no need for bulky, expensive equipment or a large group of people in order to kick a game off, which isn’t the case for other popular sports. With a simple set of rules, the learning curve is lower, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. It’s also safer, since there’s no tackling or hitting. That accessibility gives more girls and women of all ages the chance to try their hand at something new and exciting.

It Promotes Physical and Mental Well-Being

Flag football is a great sport to get into if you’re looking to exercise your body and your mind. Speed and agility are essential when it comes to flag football, so conditioning training is an absolute must. However, there’s a strong mental component too. You have to make strategic decisions and problem solve creatively on the fly. The better you feel physically and mentally, the more you are empowered to push yourself to new limits in all areas of your life.

It Fosters Leadership and Collaboration

Taking on a leadership role, whether it’s as captain or the playmaker, is a skill that lasts long after you’ve left the field. The sport forces you to communicate well, work together, and take the lead in order to succeed. Those abilities then permeate all aspects of your life, from the classroom to the workforce to your personal life.

It Shatters Gender Norms

For many years, football and flag football have been male-dominated sports. While there have been women’s leagues, they’ve never really been available in the mainstream. But support from the NFL has started to change this. Flag football’s growth is now largely due to the drive for women and girls to enter the sport. Being a part of this movement is powerful and brings visibility to other gender norms that could use some updating.

It Opens the Door For More Women’s Sports Opportunities

Women and girls have had fewer athletic opportunities, whether in high school, college, or professional settings. Women’s flag football could be a catalyst that changes perceptions of other traditionally male-dominated sports programs, allowing women the chance to show off their skills in these familiar, but not always welcoming, arenas.

Become A Villa Viking

Villa Maria College proudly has Western New York’s first intercollegiate women’s flag football team. If you are interested in pursuing your flag football career beyond high school, we want to hear from you. We are looking forward to building up our team and helping young women find and cement their place in this great sport within our community. Reach out to our recruitment team today to learn more!