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Game On: Thriving in Women’s Collegiate Flag Football After High School

By September 18, 2023Athletics

Women’s flag football has seen a 40% increase in participation thanks to the drastic rise in travel and high school teams. This growing wave of women’s flag football has inspired campuses around the country, including the Villa Vikings, to create collegiate flag football teams to accommodate these athletes. With the demand for women’s flag football team members high and plenty of eager athletes ready for opportunities, it’s important to know what college coaches look for in flag football players and how to prepare yourself to play at the collegiate level. With dedication, hard work, and some strategic planning, you’ll be ready to make that transition.

Look For Colleges With Women’s Flag Football

Every search has to start somewhere, and yours should start with schools that currently have women’s flag football teams or are in the process of developing one. Take a look at who the coaching staff is, what teams the school plays against, and what conference it’s in. If you think the program is a good fit for you and the college also offers the academic program you want to be involved in, reach out to the recruitment team. Locally, Villa is proud to be the very first college or university in Western New York to offer an inter-collegiate women’s flag football program through the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association).

Reach Out Directly to Coaches and Recruiters

Once you’ve found an athletic program and school you connect with, get in touch with the coaching and recruitment staff. State who you are, your position, when you would be eligible, and what you can bring to the team. Back up these statements with a highlight reel. To make one, have your friends or family help you film and compile some of your best moments together. Having a diverse selection of clips demonstrates your range of skills and shows what makes you a unique, valuable player. While you should be persistent in your approach, remember to always be respectful in any initial or follow-up communication.

Bump Up Your Training

It’s no secret that collegiate-level sports are more high-intensity and competitive than those at the high school level. To keep up, focus your training on your speed, agility, and conditioning. It’s also a good idea to regularly work on catching, throwing, and game strategy. Aside from going to the gym, join in on camps, workshops, or clinics if they’re available to you. These can be great resources to elevate your skills and gameplay to collegiate caliber.

Be Open to Feedback

College coaches look for a lot of different traits in flag football players, but coachability is near the top of the list. No matter how skilled you are, you have to be willing to take feedback and advice both from your coaches and your teammates. That shows that you’re a team player and have a desire to improve.

Find a Balance with Academics

Performance in the classroom matters just as much as performance on the field. Good grades are essential to getting into the college of your choice and maintaining your status on a team. Before you start your collegiate career, have a plan to help you manage your workload, training, games, and other academic and athletic commitments.

Become a Villa Viking

The Fall 2023 semester marks Villa’s inaugural women’s flag football season. We’re excited to bring this growing sport to our campus and support these athletes on their journey. Get in touch with our recruiters or admissions team to learn more about our collegiate flag football program and what it means to be a part of the Villa community.