Freshman & Sophomore Work

The showcase begins with the work completed by our freshman and sophomore students in their Introduction to Animation and Advanced Animation classes in which students learn to use Toon Boom Harmony and the 12 Principles of Animation. After taking these two courses, students have the ability to create hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation and rig and keyframe two-dimensional characters. 

Pre-production I and Pre-production II cover character design, layouts, storyboards…putting together all the necessary pieces that must be completed before production begins. Students master the basics of Photoshop. 

Motion Graphics introduces students to Adobe After Effects; in this class, animation students learn compositing, motion tracking, animating text, 2D character rigging and animation and working with 3D layers and lights. They also have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other programs of study, like graphic design and digital filmmaking. Finally, in Post-Production, students learn to polish their finished animation by recording and editing sound, adding color correction and grading and motion design titles and credits. The class also works on a long-form client project, giving our second-year students the vital opportunity to experience the demands of working as professional animators.

Joshua Muntain, Assistant Professor of Animation

Freshman and Sophomore Students

  • Jonathan Barber
  • Xzavyer Barker
  • Moss Brown
  • Tessa Cameron
  • Kyra Cannon
  • Zanith Carbin
  • Timothy Clavier
  • Alexis Colson
  • Veronica Cousins
  • Demante Chatmon
  • Kayla Cieslikowski
  • Caitlin Cork
  • Louis Criola
  • Taelar Cutter
  • Christopher D’Addario
  • Delanie Daigler
  • Shaun Davis
  • Adam Dibble
  • Derek Ditkowski
  • Brandon Edwards
  • Jamika Ervin
  • Lillian Fenzel
  • Kelvin Figueroa
  • Jose Font
  • Jordan Graves
  • Marissa Gravius
  • Nicholas Green
  • Byron Pagan Hernandez
  • Savannah Hicks
  • Erin Hill
  • Jamila Jelks
  • Yasmin Johnson
  • Cheyenne Meeder
  • Aurora Mills
  • Sierra Mills
  • Arik Mott
  • Jonathan Murtha
  • Alberto Pardo
  • Jamal Parlin
  • Armand Petri
  • Gregory Podsiadlo
  • Chundra Quarles
  • James Quebral
  • Joshua Quinones
  • Timothy Reinard
  • Ryan Santiago
  • Michael Scrivens
  • Brianna Scutt
  • Faith Smith
  • Shalayah Smith
  • Samuel Speciale
  • Asha Titus
  • Nicholas Todaro
  • Dal Waiba
  • Kareema Wallace
  • Wade Wampler
  • Larryn Watkins
  • Nahshaun White
  • Haley Wylupski

Senior Thesis Films

Each senior in their final year of Villa Maria College’s Animation program must complete their own, individual project that showcases the skills they’ve acquired throughout their four years of schooling. This project is meant to demonstrate the unique skills each student has to offer their future employer and serves as the backbone of their portfolio.

This year’s scope of work includes a good mix of demo reels and short films. All of our senior student should be very proud of the work they have accomplished during this difficult, challenging year.

Jeffrey Werner, Instructor of Animation

Students and Projects

  • Preproduction Demo Reel, Alyssa Esch
  • Character Design Reel, Alyssa Phillips
  • Preproduction Showcase, Rebecca Dear
  • Character Design, Amanda Dala
  • Background Artist, Mel Leonard
  • Bother the Blacksmith, Paige Bidleman
  • Ghostly Treat, Kevin Santiago
  • Blocked, Nicholas Monaco
  • Bump! in the Night, Cameryn Gollakner
  • Bluejay, Vincent Monaco
  • Polla-Dreams, Blake Sieber
  • Spellstruck, Courtney Levy
  • Insert Movie Name Here, Brandon Zoblisien

2021 Villa Maria College Animation Screening


Awards are given by faculty vote in the BFA Animation program at Villa Maria College as well as a panel of industry professionals.

Strongest Animation

This award goes to a film that has its characters and objects move in the most believable way and displays the strongest application of the 12 principles of animation, chose animation to fit the style of the project and is consistent throughout.

Winner: Bump! in the Night, Cameryn Gollakner

Strongest Art Direction

This award is given to the project that best displays an understanding of and has an outstanding approach to color, lighting, character and/or environmental design.

Winner: Be the Change, Sierra Annunziata, Ashley Cocca, Alaeh Ramadan, Dale Rauscher, Anthony Tran, and Zachary Voss

Strongest Design

This film or project most strongly displays an original and outstanding approach to scene layout, shot composition, camera angles, movement, and editing.

Winner: Indifferent Reef, Alexis Berry, Jacklynn Cole, Moyce Farley, Jaoquin Figueroa, Molly Lonigan, and Bailey Tessier

Strongest Story

A film or project most strongly tells an original, compelling story that holds the viewers attention from start to finish.

Winner: Ghostly Treat, Kevin Santiago

Strongest Technical Direction

A film or project that most strongly displays an advanced understanding of software, hardware, visual effects, sound editing, and compositing

Winner: Ghostly Treat, Kevin Santiago

Best Junior Film

The strongest junior film overall.

Winner: Indifferent Reef, Alexis Berry, Jacklynn Cole, Moyce Farley, Jaoquin Figueroa, Molly Lonigan, and Bailey Tessier

Best Senior Film

The strongest senior film or demo reel overall.

Winner (Three way tie):  Bump! in the Night, Cameryn Gollakner, Blocked by Nicholas Monaco, and Ghostly Treat, Kevin Santiago

Faculty Choice Award

This award is given to a student who has shown great dedication and improvement during the creation of their film.

Winner: Insert Movie Name Here, Brandon Zoblisien

Best in Show

The strongest film or demo reel of all juniors and seniors.

Winner: Indifferent Reef, Alexis Berry, Jacklynn Cole, Moyce Farley, Jaoquin Figueroa, Molly Lonigan, and Bailey Tessier