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What Is Sport Management?

Are you a passionate sports fan interested in working in the sports industry? Or maybe you’re a lifelong athlete with a love for the business side of sports? Pursuing a sport management major in college might just be what you’ve been looking for. The world of sport management offers a growing number of dynamic, exciting career opportunities for those with knowledge and love of both sports and business. Villa Maria College’s sport management degree program keeps students engaged in the classroom and provides the chance to work with real sports organizations throughout WNY, including professional teams.

What Is Sport Management?

Sport management focuses on the operation and organization of sports programs and leagues at all levels of competition, including recreational, collegiate, amateur, and professional. It encompasses all business, logistical, financial, and marketing elements necessary to provide and promote athletic opportunities. Sport management employees ensure players and coaches have the tools they need to excel, including facilities, equipment, budgets, promotional materials, and fan engagement.

Careers in Sport Management

According to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in entertainment and sports are likely to grow faster, on average, than any other occupation. Since there are many different jobs you can do with a sport management degree, specific wages in the industry vary. However, the median annual wage for careers in entertainment and sports was about $53,000 in 2023, which surpasses the median for all other occupations, which stands at roughly $48,000.

Professionals working in the sport management industry can also work in a wide range of environments. They may work in offices supporting the behind-the-scenes operations or deal directly with players, coaches, media, and other key figures. Together, those in the industry collaborate to put on events that keep players safe, fans engaged, and organizations operational.

What You Learn as a Sport Management Major

Sport management degree programs provide students with strong foundational hard and soft skills to succeed in the industry after graduation. Courses teach students how to operate a business through finance, marketing, communication, and management courses. Students also learn about ethical and legal concerns within the industry. Through hands-on experiences with local partners, Villa sport management students get a first-hand look at different careers in the industry and see how they intersect to accomplish goals.

How to Excel as a Sport Management Major

Outside of the classroom, sport management students should look into extracurricular activities to gain experience. Taking on a leadership role in an intramural sport or other sport-oriented club fosters collaboration, networking, and communication skills, all of which are important in the industry. Joining the college newspaper and covering sports events is a great way to develop your writing skills and get comfortable talking with athletes, coaches, and other staff members. If you can, volunteering at sporting events on campus or interning with a sports organization provides insight into the industry. Assisting with tasks like crowd management, concessions, or even event logistics shows you what it’s like to work in common sport management careers with guidance from professionals and experienced volunteers.

To learn more about majoring in sport management at Villa Maria College, get in touch with us today!