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What Can You Do With a Graphic Design Degree?

Students looking to pursue a degree in graphic design can look forward to a world of opportunity upon graduation. Graphic design careers are expected to rise over the next decade with some 24,800 job openings available every year. However, graduates with a graphic design degree have far more options open to them than just traditional graphic design. In fact, there are several creative, engaging careers that require the same skillset. So, what jobs can you get with a graphic design degree?

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create images, logos, layouts, and other visual elements to reach and connect with a range of audiences. From brochures and advertisements to infographics and product packaging, there’s really no limit to what kind of projects graphic designers work on. The workload usually depends on where the designer is employed, which is usually in-house with a particular company, an agency that works with various clients, or on their own as a freelancer.

User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers typically work with online or tech-based products, services, and applications. They are tasked with using design to create a natural, enjoyable experience for consumers. When problems in current processes are identified, UX designers have to think of out-of-the-box ways to solve issues that maintain strong visual appeal and brand identity.

Web Designer

Web designers create cohesive visual and navigational elements for websites, including styles, graphics, and layouts. They must have strong familiarity with content management systems and programming and coding languages, as web designers are usually responsible for publishing updates to sites. Whether working in-house, with an agency, or as a freelancer, web designers work closely with clients to understand their needs to properly deliver and maintain them online.

Art Director

Art directors develop visual content for a wide range of projects. They can work on graphics for anything from magazines and newspapers to product packaging, video productions, and more. Working with clients and creative directors, art directors implement artistic styles and elements that will best support a client’s message for maximum impact. However, they usually will need to adhere to a specific budget and deadline, so these designers should have strong communication and time management skills.

Creative Director

Creative directors devise and lead the creative vision for a project. They partner with art directors and other artists to create graphics and other visual elements for clients. These designers lead the pitch process with clients. Once a concept is approved, they delegate work to other designers and ensure that the work follows the right aesthetic. Creative directors have to keep their teams organized and on budget, so they also should have strong communication skills and the ability to manage deadlines, budgets, and team members for multiple projects simultaneously.


Illustrators create unique sketches, images, and graphics for anything from marketing campaigns to book covers and more. In today’s job market, they should have experience using computer software and programs to bring their creations to life. Often, many illustrators have animation skills and work in the entertainment industry on video games, TV, or film productions.

How to Get Into Graphic Design

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