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Students Present their Research Papers at Villa’s Second Undergraduate Symposium

Gabe Marrone presents “Too Personal?,” a look at how social media impact an individual’s ability to get a job.

On Thursday, April 20, 2017 Villa Maria College held its second annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Seven students presented original work they completed in their classes to an audience made up of fellow students, faculty and staff members, and administrators.

Congratulations to the following students, whose presentations led to enriching academic discussions and gave the students the opportunity to share their work with the wider College community:

  • Gabriele Marrone, ’19, Business Administration, “Too Personal?”
  • Alexandra Snow, ’19 Digital Media and Communciation,“Studyblr”
  • Jessica Czechowicz, 19, Psychology, “Behind the Shades: BDSM Exposed and Explained”
  • Blair Ganoe, ’17, Psychology, “Masturbation: Culturally Condemned, Biologically Beneficial”
  • Ashton Barrie, ’19, Digital Filmmaking, “Flipping the Switch”
  • Joshua Folaron, ’19, Physical Therapy Assistant, “Physical Therapy, a Powerful and Ignored Pain Solution”
  • Luis Montijo, ’19, Music Industry, “Community Violence and the Viability of Organizational Solutions”

Dr. Ann Rivera, assistant professor of English, is pleased to have been able to be involved in the second annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. “The Symposium provides our students a forum to share their original scholarship with the wider College community, and our presenters did an outstanding job. Congratulations are in order for our presenters, and thanks to the college community for supporting the Symposium.

Likewise, Dr. Todd Baker, professor of natural sciences and mathematics, believes the Symposium provided our students with a plethora of real world experience. “Students participating in the symposium learn not only how to integrate research into a presentation, but how to respond to questions from an academic audience,” he said. “For students pursuing professional or academic careers, this experience is invaluable.”

“The Undergraduate Symposium is a testament to the commitment of our students, faculty, and staff to academic success,” said Elizabeth Battaglia, associate professor of liberal arts.

Dr. Rivera, Dr. Baker, and Professor Battaglia were all heavily involved in the organization of and with the success of this year’s Symposium.

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