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SneakerKit USA Comes to Villa Maria College

If you’ve ever had the desire to create your own pair of sneakers, now is your chance!

Villa Maria College is hosting SneakerKit USA, a workshop that teaches participants exactly how to make  sneakers that show off their own, unique designs. At this year’s event, participants will create two pairs of sneakers.

The three-day workshop takes participants through the process of designing and creating wearable sneakers from start to finish. Day one requires participants to bring in their favorite item or object, and walks them through the process of translating the object into a design that it inspired. Day one also covers the actual design process, where participants will have the opportunity to share their work both individually with instructors and in a group setting.

On day two, students will make a prototype sneaker so they can get better idea of what to expect before creating their final pairs. The design process will be completed on day two, and students will then begin work on their actual sneakers.

The workshop culminates on day three, when students finish their sneakers and present their designs to the rest of the group.

According to Dr. Joycelyn Burdett, a fashion professor, this opportunity is not to be missed. “Having the opportunity to design and produce shoes is very unusual in most fashion programs,” she said. “Normally we focus mainly on garments, so this is super exciting to be able to produce sneakers which are a huge part of fashion!”

No sewing or previous experience is needed to participate, but limited spaces are available. Anyone interested in participating can register in Villa Maria College’s Business Office, which is located on the main floor of the Main Building. The Business Office can be reached by phone at 716-961-1810. The workshop costs $50, and includes all the materials needed to create two pairs of shoes, including insoles, needles, thread, leather, laces, a hole puncher and more! Construction is simple, and no glue is used in the creation process.

For more information, please contact Dr. Joycelyn Burdett at 716-961-1856 or [email protected].