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9 Signs You Should Be a Graphic Designer

If you’re considering going to college for digital arts and media, Villa Maria College has a lot of options to choose from. There are plenty of opportunities in the job market to use your creative passions. Graphic design is just one of several in-demand career paths for you to explore. So, what makes a good graphic designer and what soft skills should you have in your repertoire?

You Love Creating Things

Graphic designers have big creative energy at heart. They love to come up with new ideas and get excited by exploring possibilities. Whether you have a preferred artistic style or like to mix things up, you love bringing a vision to life. You also enjoy going through the creative process and seeing where it takes you.

You’re Drawn to Aesthetics

Do you have a lot of art at home and curate your space to fit a certain look? Or do you collect or purchase certain items because of appealing visuals? Graphic designers care a lot about aesthetics and go out of their way to create an environment that speaks to their artistic preferences.

You Communicate Really Well

Good communicators know how to actively listen, ask questions, and are clear and concise. Graphic designers need this skill to work efficiently with clients. They not only have to understand what a client’s needs are, but they also have to be able to communicate creative decisions and explain how those apply to the client’s vision.

You’ve Got an Eye for Details

If you can spot the little things that other people seem to miss, you have an eye for detail that graphic designers need. It’s that extra close attention that can make or break a project, even if no one else happens to notice at first glance.

You Can’t Wait to Learn New Things

Like to absorb information and develop new skills? A lot of graphic designers are well-versed in more than just artistic mediums. They often know their way around a computer, which is needed since most modern graphic design is created with vector programs like Adobe Illustrator. Generally, having a thirst for learning and the ability to learn quickly is common in graphic design.

You Look for Deeper Meaning

You don’t settle for surface-level thinking. Instead, you like to dive deep into a subject or project. When graphic designers are creating, the ultimate goal is to make something that reflects a client’s message in a way that resonates with the audience in a meaningful, memorable way.

You’ve Got a Knack for Multitasking

Whether graphic designers work in-house for a single business or with multiple clients, they are most likely working on many projects simultaneously. But it’s not just important to be able to juggle multiple tasks. Graphic designers must be open and adaptable to new ideas, since clients may change their minds and switch gears on a dime.

You Know How to Manage Your Time

Time management goes hand in hand with multitasking. While all projects are important, some will need faster turnarounds than others. Although no one likes to put a time limit on creativity, graphic designers must know how to balance input and output with their creativity to ensure that deadlines and expectations are met.

You’re Open to Constructive Criticism

Have you ever created something you thought was near perfect, only to hear others suggest changes? Graphic designers have to hear constructive criticism frequently. While you have to be able to communicate your ideas, you also have to hear out your client’s opinion and make changes without taking those critiques personally.

Get into Graphic Design

Villa Maria College is home to Western New York’s top graphic design departments. Our students and graduates have found award-winning success in personal, academic, and professional projects by growing their skill sets in our supportive, encouraging graphic design program.