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Launching Your Digital Presence: How to Grow Your Content Creator Skills

Digital media is booming and the industry is forecasted to surge 9% by 2027. With that growth comes new, exciting opportunities as influencer marketing, user-generated content creation, and freelancing have become mainstream careers. Though the industry is competitive and there are countless creators, there is real success to be found and shared by those interested in getting into digital media. Whether it’s to grow your skillset or build a portfolio, leveraging your personal social media profiles with some strategy can turn into a rewarding experience.

How to Become a Digital Creator

Find Your Focus, Then Plan

First, you’ll need to figure out what the focus of your profile is going to be. What topics or hobbies are you passionate about and can’t wait to share with other people? After you figure out your main focus, think about how you want to share your content. Do you want to create videos, share graphics, take photos, or a combination of the three? You can either choose to work with a skill set that you’re familiar with or try to develop some new talents along the way.

Once you have a strong foundation, it’s time to get organized. When working on a content plan, it’s important to consider the type of following you want to appeal to. Knowing the kind of audience you want to have can serve as a guide. Create an outline that includes content topics, platforms to use, and post frequency.

Start Creating

Now it’s time for the fun part. Dive into your plan and start creating high-quality content that is relevant and resonates with your desired following. Remember to pay attention to the little details like formatting, visual aesthetics, and messaging. These specifics serve as your signature, helping viewers to identify and connect with your content.

Even though you have a content plan, don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies. Content trends come and go. If something is “in,” don’t be afraid to try it out in a way that fits your profiles. Test out content variations, posting schedules, and engagement techniques to see what clicks with your audience and objectives. Once you find a groove that works, stick with it but be open to flexibility.

Connect With Your Audience

When you start to gain a following, make time to actively reciprocate engagement. This could be including anything from “liking” comments you appreciate to starting a dialogue in the comments or hosting a live stream. This not only helps you build core relationships with your audience, but it also helps you understand their preferences.

Another great way to connect is to collaborate with other content creators and professionals. Look for opportunities to participate in joint projects, campaigns or events, and cross-promotion. By working with others, you can increase your skill set and widen your profile exposure, potentially gaining more followers.

Stay Authentic and Consistent

One of the cardinal rules of content creation is to remain authentic. Followers are gained by connecting with who you are and what you stand for. Always present yourself with honesty and stay true to your values. If you’re wrong and your followers call you on it, take note of their words and address their concerns graciously. The quickest way to alienate those who have supported you is to meander away from what got them interested in you in the first place.

Another key rule is to be consistent. Make sure that you are keeping up with your content plan, for the most part. If you begin by putting out 10 posts a month and suddenly dip to three, your followers may potentially turn their attention to other, more reliable creators. Posting frequency isn’t the only area where you need consistency though. Your interactions with your audience should also be consistent and align with your focus.

Learn From Your Performance

As a digital media creator, you’ll want to watch a few key metrics aside from followers. Keep track of numbers like your reach, impressions, social shares, and engagement rate. This information should be used to guide your content strategy and optimize it for the best results possible. Because digital and social media are so fast-paced, you’ll also want to keep trends and new technologies in mind. Be open to taking free online courses, attending webinars or workshops, and reading industry blogs to keep up with the latest advances.

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