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Dr. Giordano’s Letter to the Editor Published on 

By April 15, 2021February 5th, 2024Press Release

On April 14thPresident Giordano wrote a letter to the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education that was published online.  

His letter was a pointed response to an article published last month entitled, “Rich Colleges Should Give Money to Poor Ones.” In this article, the author asserts that wealthy colleges can propel social justice forward by giving money to smaller, less affluent colleges who have a more diverse student body.  

In his response, Dr. Giordano points out that while many of these smaller schools have fewer resources, they have been decades of experience in an issue that has recently become top-of-mind for some of the wealthiestmost elite institutions.  

Dr. Giordano suggests the elite universities form symbiotic relationships with smaller colleges, trading some of the giants’ billions of dollars in endowments for the smaller school’s knowledge about teaching and supporting first-generation, low-income students.