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6 Different Types of Copywriting Jobs

If you’re passionate about becoming a copywriter, you should get to know the different types of copywriting jobs available. Why? The more you know about the different types of copywriting jobs, the easier it will be to find the best copywriting job for your interests and skills after finishing your coursework.

Different Types of Copywriting

There are many different types of copywriting jobs that students working toward their copywriting certification should look into. With so much variety available, discovering the best direction for you may take time to find the right fit. Learning about all the options out there helps!

1. SEO

Search engines are the encyclopedias of modern-day and are available at the tip of our fingers. SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that helps copywriters get their content to rank in search results. By integrating researched keywords, copywriters can get their content seen and read. However, it’s important to create quality content on top of incorporating the right keywords. When the content is solid and the keywords are ideal for the topic, the readers get what they’re looking for and so do the search engines.

2. Website

Websites often serve as a business’s home base. Therefore, website content needs to be clear, helpful, persuasive, and on brand. It needs to grab the interest of those scrolling the site and encourage visitors to take action. If you like building brands and lifting up businesses through content, website writing may be for you!

3. Freelance

Remote and hybrid work is becoming the new norm. This makes it easier for those who work from home, a coffee shop, or a coworking space–such as freelance copywriters–to do so. Freelance copywriters prepare copy remotely for a variety of applications. If you enjoy working alone and creating your own schedule, a freelance position may be the best copywriting job for you.

4. Email

Emails are absolutely not a thing of the past. As a college student or a professional, your life surrounds your inbox more than you’d expect! Many emails that go to your personal inbox are the product of email copywriters. Emails involving promotional material, newsletters, and general business updates are all part of email marketing. An email copywriter grabs the user’s attention with an engaging subject line and follows up with informational copy that encourages next steps.

5. Social Media

Social media platforms are used by billions of people, all of whom are scrolling through copy on a regular basis. If you decide to jump into the whirlpool that is social media copywriting, you will want to make sure you understand the needs of each platform. While some platforms use video and visuals, others need quick, snappy phrasing to grab a reader’s attention. From writing engaging captions to preparing copy for a video script, social media copywriters have a lot on their plate.

6. Advertising

Advertising copy isn’t just what we see on commercials, billboards, and magazines. Copywriters prepare ad copy for businesses that then advertise on a wide variety of platforms. The goal of ad copywriting is to prepare content that fits the business’s voice and encourages viewers to make a purchase.