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BFA Student Photography Exhibit Opens Tonight

By May 14, 2022May 16th, 2022Photography

Villa Maria College BFA Thesis Exhibitions represent two semesters of research and experimentation and the culmination of years of higher education. Rather than a collection of interesting images that have no connection other than through their author, these exhibitions are examples of well thought out concepts that have been developed into a cohesive body of work. 

China Alvarado 

According to Alvarado, “Simply Liquidity” is a series of photographs intended to be interpreted by viewers as if they are looking into another world or universe. Photographing a variety of liquids with glass objects places the viewer into a mysterious, magical, spiritual, sense of confusion. Bubbles and circular shapes evoke imagery of galaxies that grab the audience’s attention and challenge their own perspective on environments that vary from the abstract to dream-like worlds. 

China Alvarado is a photographer based in Buffalo, NY. In May of 2022 she earned her BFA in Photography from Villa Maria College. Her photographic practice focuses on landscape, architecture, and commercial photography. Alvarado’s favorite color is blue. 

China Alvarado has been building her portfolio with an eye towards commercial photography. The moving, colorful liquids that are the subject of her photographs exist as both beautiful and abstract worlds and yet still suggest a narrative that can be tailored with text and context. Titled “Simply Liquidity” her exhibition is an invitation to the viewer to bring their own interpretations to the photographs. To see more of Avarado’s work, please visit

Keishla Manzano 

According to Manzano, this photographic exhibition, “<3 sci,” is a body that revolves around portraits of young women. A fascination for colors and a love for Korean pop music were the inspiration for this photographic exhibition. The Korean girl group, “Twice” recently released an album titled “O+T=<3”. Their album name and concept focus on the theme of love, and how love isn’t a science. In their title track, “Scientist,” they have a line that goes “Love ain’t a science, don’t need no license”, and after playing around a little bit with the words the exhibition ended up being called “<3 sci”. Using a heart symbol to demonstrate the love, using the shorten version of science and adding the symbol in between to link together how love isn’t a science. 

Manzano has taken inspiration from Korean pop music to create a series of stylized portraits. Collaborating with her subjects to create images that represent their personalities, the work in the exhibition and the accompanying catalog incorporates her take on symbols and motifs from the culture. To see more of Manzano’s work, 

Keishla Manzano was born and raised on the beautiful and colorful island of Puerto Rico. They lived in the small town of Jayuya situated in the middle of the island until the age of 15, where after that they moved to the city of Buffalo and has lived there since then. Growing up in the town of Jayuya surrounded by mountain views contributed to a fascination with colors and the use of it in their photography. Manzano expects to receive their BFA in Photography from Villa Maria College of Buffalo in May of 2022. 

The exhibitions will be on display from May 13 through May 27 at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology, 1221 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14209. The Center’s hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM – 6 PM.