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President Giordano Featured on Plexuss’ Presidential Podcast

“We’re really working hard to create the partnerships with the industries and high schools so we can say, here’s a pipeline. Here’s a pathway. you’re going to get introduced to the business from the very beginning. You’ll get introduced to these career opportunities at a young age, and we’re going to show you a clear path and it’s going to be supported all the way through. Once you’re at Villa, you’ll have opportunities to intern, to apprentice, to have people from that business speak and serve as a mentor. Once you get into the company, we’ll still try and support you through that transition. It’s going to take that kind of commitment in order for this to really work…These really firm partnerships between industry and education in order to really make sure our students are aligned in the best way possible with the opportunities that are available here in WNY in order for our economy to really grow.”

— President Giordano on the Plexuss Presidential Podcast Series on May 10, 2023

Dr. Giordano was featured on The Plexuss Presidential Podcast Series on May 10. The main topics of conversation included:

  • Villa’s top initiatives and what makes it unique
  • What Villa is doing to make College’s more affordable to everyone
  • What changes Villa has made to accommodate its student body
  • The importance of culture
  • Engaging alumni
  • The future of Villa (spoiler alert: more students, better partnerships and career pathways, program growth, updated facilities, and more)
  • And of course, a quote from Jerry Garcia

Listen to the podcast here: