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3 Jobs for Those Who Want to Work in the Music Industry

By November 14, 2022Music

Working in the music industry may be filled with thrill and excitement, but finding success in the field takes dedication and hard work. The music industry degree at Villa tackles some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, elements in the field of music production, management, and direction.

Like any career path, students studying to work in the music industry often wonder what the end result of their degree will be. The music world is more than just the musicians you see lighting up the stage. It takes a professional team to help the musicians succeed on stage and organize their musical ventures.

Becoming a part of that intricate team means studying–and understanding–the music industry.

What jobs can you get with a music industry degree

Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do career-wise when they start their college experience–and that’s okay! A music industry degree offers an in-depth look into working in the music industry so you can pinpoint exactly what grabs your attention. Classes at Villa can help prepare you for great jobs you can get with a music industry degree.

Audio engineer

Most modern music involves a lot of behind-the-scenes audio engineering. Those who work in this specific realm of the music industry have a keen, musical ear and an understanding of mapping sound. Another niche where audio engineers play a key role is in the video game field. Audio engineers work with musicians to perfect sounds and add technical elements that elevate the end product.

Music producer

Working in the music industry means having strong leadership skills. A music producer is the ultimate definition of leadership in this business. If you want to mix your creativity and initiative, seeking a career as a music producer is your calling. However, it isn’t easy to walk into this type of position. It takes experience, knowledge, and the willingness to collaborate and make connections if you want to truly succeed as a music producer.

Music agent

Much like a music producer, a music agent needs just as much leadership and gusto when hoping to find success in the music business. An agent must be organized and detail-oriented when booking shows, marketing, and handling paperwork for their client. Some of this paperwork includes organizing events, creating collaborative relationships, preparing press releases, and even handling social media. Project and event management is often a music manager’s responsibility. However, the agent can also be in charge of maintaining their client’s brand as well as their events. For the person who likes taking charge in busy situations, this career path is for you.