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Which Digital Media Major Is Right For You?

By February 12, 2024Digital Arts

Digital media majors prepare students for many different job opportunities that allow them to use their creativity to make a living. By gaining a range of skills in visual communication, writing, editing, and design, digital media majors can take full advantage of open jobs across many industries. This gives digital media art and design students the flexibility to choose what direction they want to focus their career in post-graduation. Additionally, the projects and work these students complete for their degree programs provide them with firsthand experience to include in their portfolios.

Digital and Media Arts Programs


Animation involves the study of techniques and technologies used to create 2D and 3D moving images for movies, TV shows, commercials, social media posts, and other forms of popular digital media. These programs include courses that cover the principles of animation, character design, and visual and written storytelling. By the time they graduate, students will be prepared to enter careers in film, TV, marketing and advertising, gaming, and other multimedia industries.

Who Should Choose Animation?
Students with artistic abilities, curiosity, a desire to tell stories, and the ability to create with technology are ideal animation majors.

Digital Filmmaking

Digital filmmaking studies the arts and techniques behind film productions. However, this degree program is much more than learning how to operate a camera. Students are immersed in the entire scope of behind-the-scenes action. Classes on photography, graphic design, production, sound design, and lighting are only the start of what students in digital filmmaking can learn. Having a well-rounded education in all aspects of filmmaking allows these students to decide which roles they connect with and pursue many different careers within the industry.

Who Should Choose Digital Filmmaking?
These students should be passionate about film and eager to learn about the art and diverse skills that go into filmmaking.

Digital Media and Communications

Digital media and communications revolve around the creation, distribution, and impact of digital content across media channels. This degree program helps students navigate and contribute to the ever-changing world of digital communication through audio and video production, journalism, public relations, and multimedia editing. Students can use these skills to excel in industries ranging from marketing and advertising to news journalism.

Who Should Choose Digital Media and Communications?
Anyone interested in learning a diverse skill set to find and share stories with the masses through technology should consider this degree program.

Game Design

Game design programs engage students in the pre-production, development, and post-development stages of creating games for various platforms. Courses are both artistically and technically focused, teaching students the fundamentals like game mechanics, storytelling, character development, modeling and texturing, and user experience. After graduation, game designers are equipped to work as developers, producers, testers, and animators.

Who Should Choose Game Design?
Creative strategic storytellers who like blending art and tech to innovate and solve problems for themselves or others, and are computer savvy.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is all about using the principles of design and color theory to create visually compelling media. Students use design fundamentals, typography, digital imagery, color, and visual communication skills to capture ideas and translate them artistically for film, TV, advertising, and social media campaigns. Graphic designers can also use these skills to create print works for publications.

Who Should Choose Graphic Design?
Having a strong sense of creativity, a passion for aesthetics, an eye for details, and a desire to convey deeper meaning in work are all signs you should be a graphic designer.

Interior Design

Interior design is all about creating a specific look and feel for a physical location, such as living and work spaces. While it might not seem like a digital media degree, modern interior design relies heavily on technology. Students work with 3D rendering programs like CAD systems to plan out, visualize, and create spaces before executing them.

Who Should Choose Interior Design?
Students who love to decorate the spaces in which they live or work are perfect for this major.

Master Digital Media at Villa

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