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Villamation 2023

By May 2, 2023Animation

One of the highlights of the Spring 2023 semester for Villa Maria’s animation students was Villamation.

Villamation is the College’s 24-hour animation competition that challenges students to work in small groups to create a short film from start to finish. The 9th annual Villamation challenged students to use the word “compassion,” the College’s core value of the year, as the theme of their film.

“Faculty volunteered their time and expertise to advise each student and guide them through the process of creating a short film from concept to completion in just 24 hours,” said Valery Amborski, assistant professor of animation. “The three films below are the result of a compassionate group of students working together and supporting each other to create something truly unique.”

“It’s a really great experience and simulates what is done in a real animation studio,” said Caitlin Cork, a junior animation student. “Everyone plays to their strengths and comes together to make a great short film. It’s also super fun to have a sleepover with all of your college friends, of course.”


Avil was created by:

Aurora Mills, ’23
Emmanuel Kamoche, ’24
Michael Scrivens, ’23
Jay Ramos, ’25
Asha Titus, ’24
Kareem Donmore, ’24
Shalayah Smith, ’23
Xzavyer Barker, ’23

Fruit Salad
Fruit salad was awarded best in show but the College’s animation faculty.

Fruit Salad was created by:

Timothy Claiver, ’23
Brianna Scutt, ’23
Savannah Hicks, ’24
Haley Wylupski, ’24
Cailtin Cork, ’24
Kenneth Price, ’24

Sewing Compassion

Sewing Compassion was created by:

Mika Ervin, ’23
Natasha Alston, ’24
Demante Chatmon, 24
Aramis Marquez, 25
Salem Saloman
Zenith Carbin, ’24
Peyton Schwab, ’25

The Student Team who created “Fruit Salad,” Villamation 2023’s Best in Show.

Best in Show trophies

The Best in Show trophies were 3D printed in one of Villa’s animation labs.

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