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Student Exhibit “Color Beat” on Display in the Art Gallery

By October 24, 2023Fine Arts

Color Beat is on display in the Paul William Beltz Family Art Gallery!

Color Beat showcases five artists whose work centers the qualities of color, rhythm and pattern in diverse ways both formally and conceptually. In terms of process, the work ranges from traditional drawing and painting to quilting and soft sculpture. Patterns, both created and found, are evident in nearly every piece.

Generated patterns range from the intentional such as those in Gretchen Wylegala’s bombastic quilted wall works to those created by process and chance like those found in the subtly monochromatic works of Sonia Campanella – while the dynamic lines, forms and rhythms found in Sarah Barry’s enigmatic works feel like they fall somewhere in-between the premeditated and the spontaneous.

Images of clouds dance across the works of Angela Guest and Spoon Chong, though each artist employs these forms in dramatically different ways. Spoon confronts us with paintings that use representational imagery that he then subverts and undermines with symbols and technological features and icons, While Guest’s work utilizes felt and paracord in the construction of a playful child-like skyscape.

A constant among all of the artists is the use of color as an integral ingredient in their creative process. The collection is one that feels celebratory and joyful. Photos of the work featured in Color Beat can be seen below.

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