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Discover your potential at Villa Maria College.

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Find Your Way at Villa!

There’s a path—or maybe even a few paths—that are right for you at Villa.

We are a diverse, inclusive community where everyone has the freedom to be themselves. Our goal is to help students find their passion and harness it for a bright, successful future.

  • 19 Degree Programs 
  • 8:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 8 Intercollegiate Athletic Teams
  • 18 Student-Run Clubs & Orgs
  • 87% Job Placement Post Graduation 
  • 99% of Students Recieve Financial Aid

Why Villa?

Located just minutes away from the Galleria Mall and the I-90, Villa Maria College offers outstanding academic and personal growth opportunities close to home. We are a small, tight-knit private college with 19 dynamic academic programs aimed at helping students get jobs that are in demand in today’s market.

Academic growth is complemented by study abroad opportunities, a growing athletics program, diverse student life, volunteer events, an on-campus art gallery, and so much more. Once you’re enrolled as a student, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to graduate from college and get a job that puts you on your career path.

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