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Student Art Exhibit: Mixed Media – Opening Reception

December 7, 2022 @ 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Villa Maria College, Paul William Beltz Family Art Gallery
240 Pine Ridge Rd
Buffalo, NY 14225
Adam Weekley

Join us for the opening reception of the Mixed Media Student Art Exhibit during campus hour. The work on view was created by junior and senior Students from Art 312: Mixed Media. Work made in this course represents the earliest stages of each student’s individual artistic practice – free from the strict parameters present in lower-level studio art courses. Each student was challenged with formulating both the form and content of their individual semester long project, articulating their ideas in forms and processes that felt tied to their subject and representative of their distinctive artistic voice.  In most cases, the students worked with materials that were new to them, meaning that much of the semester involved intense workshopping, self-assessment and adapting to unforeseen challenges and changes. The emphasis is on process and creative problem-solving.

This exhibition depicts the first steps of what is, for artists, a life-long practice. This personal excavation is made up of consistent and vigorous questioning, refining, re-orientation and evolution in terms of content and process.

Participating Students:
Destiny Caceres, Valerie Diaz Perez, Alyssa LaMartina, Abigail Piazza, Sarah Salisbury, Alexis Sevrey, Alexa Szuder