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Why Buffalo is Becoming a Go-To Hub for Film Assistants

If you’re looking for a city with a growing film community and many opportunities to learn about the industry, Buffalo, New York offers all things film! Many movies have been filmed in Buffalo–and for very good reasons! From A Man Called Otto and Cabrini to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley, Buffalo is no stranger to the industry.

The Buffalo, New York film community is more than up-and-coming, it’s a destination for many on-set film producers and assistants! Our production assistant course prepares students for the tasks and jobs an on-set production assistant may be responsible for.

Villa Maria College collaborates with Buffalo FilmWorks to provide students with all the knowledge, experience, and excitement the Buffalo film community has to offer. Villa Maria’s film programs not only prepare you for the field but give you a behind the scenes look into Buffalo’s film community. And who wouldn’t want to get a peek behind the scenes?

What’s the Buzz About the Buffalo Film Community?

The question may still remain: Why Buffalo?

Novel Architecture and Dramatic Settings

Buffalo, New York truly has it all when it comes to cityscapes and architecture. From industrial Silo City and Central Terminal to cozy villages such as Akron and East Aurora, every type of setting is available in and around our city. No wonder world-renowned producers and directors have taken advantage of Buffalo’s unique settings! Buffalo businesses also spark interest in the entertainment and film industry. From Sloan’s Antiques to well-known bars and restaurants, the variety Buffalo offers is unlike any other city.

Film Related Businesses are Growing

With more and more interest from big-name producers, directors, and assistants, Buffalo is seeing a rise in space availability and support businesses for film. With more buildings creating space for production, practice, and preparation in Buffalo, more film and theater can happen! Many Buffalo restaurants, hotels, and venues are incorporating film space to take advantage of future opportunities. On top of more physical space becoming available for on-set producers and assistants to work, film businesses are coming back to life after time off, including Buffalo Camera, Buffalo Props, Buffalo Expendables, and WNY Grip and Lighting.

Buffalo FilmWorks Has it All

Villa Maria College is extremely grateful to work with Buffalo FilmWorks! When it comes to the ins and outs of the film community in Buffalo, New York, this business knows it all. Our certificate students work hand-in-hand with professionals in the field to truly step into the shoes of on-set production assistants. Without that first-hand knowledge, how can hopeful film assistants truly learn the industry?