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Villa Maria College Campus Visit Checklist: What to Expect

By February 27, 2023Admissions

When you schedule a college tour, you probably have a few ideas in mind as to how it will go. You may expect to learn a little bit about the programs and the college environment, maybe talk to a few professors or students along the way. However, you don’t want to walk into a campus visit without some idea of what’s in store. If you’re unprepared for what a tour will involve, you may forget to bring up any important questions you’d hoped to ask.

Instead of feeling unsure about how the visit will go, why not prepare yourself ahead of time? By creating a campus visit checklist, you will have a better idea of what to expect when that exciting day comes.

And it’s definitely an exciting day!

What to Expect on a College Tour

Going on a college tour means you’re taking steps toward creating the best possible future for yourself–and that’s exhilarating! The college campus you choose will be your home and you want to get to know it as well as possible.

That’s why taking a tour and making a college visit checklist is so important. If there are certain places that will play a big part in your college experience, make sure they’re right for you. When you create a college visit checklist, you make sure to see and learn about what’s important to you.

Main Buildings

No matter the size of the college you’re visiting, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of spaces you’ll trek through on a college visit. Before you even start the campus visit, print out a campus map or take a look at one on the college website. Familiarize yourself with the different buildings you’ll visit in case you have any questions about them. If you’re interested in a particular program, make sure you visit the rooms where those classes are held. Never hesitate to ask the tour guide to make a pit stop somewhere you think is important.

Dining Halls

Let’s be honest, colleges need good food. Meals are where students socialize, relax, and explore interests among friends and colleagues. If the dining space isn’t what you envisioned, jot that down on your campus visit checklist–whether the list is physical or mental.

Campus Life Spaces

Becoming involved in campus activities and clubs doesn’t just look great on your future resume. It’s also where you make lifelong connections, grow your interests, and spend a lot of time outside of the classroom. Though exploring campus life spaces is typical on a college visit, make sure it’s on your campus visit checklist if it’s important to you. The college experience isn’t just lectures and exams. It also includes the memories you make after classes are over for the day.


Even though you may spend time studying at home or off campus, the library is a major student hub for studying, collaborating, and connecting outside of class. The library is a pretty normal stop on a campus tour, but make sure you see it all! Ask about quiet hours and tutoring times. When you take a look around, see where the computers, printers, and additional equipment are located. If you’re someone who wants to volunteer or seek out part-time work opportunities, the library may be a great place to bring up those questions.