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The Ultimate Guide to Student Support Services on Campus

The college experience gives students the freedom to take on new challenges and explore unique opportunities in and out of the classroom. Between coursework, extracurricular activities, and general life experiences, college can feel really overwhelming at times. However, students don’t have to face these obstacles alone. Villa Maria College goes above and beyond to provide several free campus support services for students throughout their college experience.

Academic Support Services

Many first-year students are surprised by the differences between college schoolwork and the work they were used to in high school. College courses cover a lot of material in a very short period of time, meaning students have to be very diligent and self-motivated to keep up with it. Villa’s Student Success Center (SSC) is dedicated in part to helping freshman students transition to college workloads, empowering their decision-making, strategies, and confidence.

Of course, students at any stage in their college career may require additional support. The SSC welcomes everyone from freshmen to seniors to work with academic coaches for individual and group tutoring. These sessions can focus on understanding complex concepts, completing homework assignments, and developing processes to improve test-taking, studying, and time management. Mentoring services are also offered, which link students to staff committed to guiding students and helping them feel like part of the Villa community.

Career Support Services

One of the main goals of any college student is to gain skills and abilities to find great job opportunities. By junior and senior year, many students begin to feel the post-graduation pressures rising. Some question how they will use their degree, how they can create a strong resume, or what they can do to nail an interview. Villa’s Career Services team helps answer these questions and a lot more.

Career Services’ main goal is to prepare students for their next steps, whether that’s continuing their education or beginning their professional careers. Aside from working with students to build their professional and soft skills, Career Services also hosts networking opportunities and events. From linking students to on-site and off-campus employer visits to graduate school fairs and career-building platforms, the Career Services team gives students opportunities to meet potential employers and make a great first impression.

Wellness Support Services

The life of a college student can be downright hectic. Aside from schoolwork, a part-time job, lack of downtime, and poor sleep schedules can lead to significant stress levels in students. Having a healthy outlet to talk through problems and find solutions to them is a critical part of the college experience. Villa’s Care Center offers students totally free, individual counseling services to help them through any difficult time.

The Care Center is all about supporting students and helping them cope with mental health challenges, no matter how big or small they may be. Students can meet with one of Villa’s counselors to discuss emotional well-being, self-awareness, and personal growth. All students are encouraged to partake in the Center’s sponsored mental health workshops, which focus on topics from overcoming test anxiety and adjusting to college life to diversity, culture, and healthy relationships.

Student Life Services

Connecting with others is one of the biggest parts of a well-rounded college experience. Every student deserves to feel at home in a community that offers something for all of its members. That’s what Villa’s Student Life team works hard to accomplish every day for every student. All academic and social clubs, sports, and events are coordinated through Student Life, with nearly all organizations and services provided for free or low-cost.