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Graphic Design Student Dylan Nowak Receives Recognition from TSN on Anaheim Ducks Jersey Concept

By September 11, 2017Art, Graphic Design

Dylan Nowak is a sports graphic artist and a senior in Villa Maria College’s graphic design program. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys designing jersey and logo concept designs for professional sports teams. One of his most recent concept designs was for the Anaheim Ducks, professional ice hockey team based in Anaheim, California.

The touted jersey design is an amalgam of the classic Ducks jersey and a new, theoretical, one. It incorporates the Ducks vintage logo: a traditional style goalie mask shaped at the bottom to look like a duck’s bill. Behind the mask is a pair of crossed hockey sticks, and the background of the logo is circle in front an upside down pyramid.

The current Ducks jersey features a gold webbed duck foot in the shape of a ‘D’ with white, black, and orange accents. The logo sits on a black jersey when the team is home and a white jersey when the team is away. Nowak’s design puts a crisp, clean version of the vintage logo on an orange jersey with green and white accents, creating an updated, brighter version of the existing color scheme.

“Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by what uniform the Bills or the Sabres were wearing,” said Nowak. “It seemed like nobody else cared in my family, which was weird to me. I would find myself coloring in blank football helmets my mom printed out for me. Designing logos and jerseys has always been a fun hobby of mine. It’s a stress reliever but it also turned out to be apart of what I want to do as a career. I would love to run my own sports branding and marketing company one day. Or at the very minimum, be part of a team’s graphic design department.”

Nowak’s concept and design were so professionally executed and eye-catching that they have garnered attention from The Sports Network, a Canadian, English language sports specialty service headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Here’s what TSN had to say of the jersey: “Of all the attempts using the team’s old logo, perhaps none have been as impressive than the one you’re about to witness. Dylan Nowak, a sports graphic artist, shared his perfect combination of the team’s new and old jerseys.”

The jersey is pictured below; the article can be read in its entirety here

To see more of Dylan’s work, you can follow him on Instagram at @DylanNowakArt or through his website, His site features concepts for logos and branding, sports graphics and more.