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Duncan Kirkwood Resiliency Talk

September 14, 2022 @ 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Villa Maria College, Auditorium
240 Pine Ridge Rd
Buffalo, NY 14225
DJ Schier

As an inner-city student, Duncan had to overcome wave after wave of setbacks to make it to graduation. With each cross current of challenge, Duncan learned new lessons that ultimately helped him thrive.

In this powerful, inspiring, and perception-shifting talk, Duncan shares his experience with failure and the critical lessons he learned along the way. Students today are dealing with challenges we couldn’t have imagined, and practical resilience skills are needed now more than ever. Your audience will walk away with a shift in how they view setbacks, renewed purpose, and a newfound love for their journey.

• Perseverance – a complete paradigm shift in how participants see failure in their lives, that setbacks are part of the journey.
• Passion – understanding the importance of getting involved on campus.
• Purpose – understanding the urgent need to discover one’s purpose in life.
• Overcoming fear of failure – understanding that even though you are afraid or uncertain, you must be bold enough to take the first step.
• Affirmation – participants will learn a powerful positive self-affirmation and mantra.
• Empowerment – participants will learn how to take power and control in their own lives

*COR 101 students are required to attend. All students are welcome.*