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Danielle Miles, ’03

As a PTA, I was well-prepared to enter the physical therapy field. As a PTA, I significantly impacted those requiring physical therapy services for 17 years before transitioning my education into occupational therapy. Although I switched careers, my education as a physical therapy assistant established my understanding of physical rehabilitation. Currently, I am an occupational therapist and academic fieldwork coordinator of the OTA program. Yes, full circle, and Villa has changed my life personally and professionally. Through it all, I  have had the opportunity to assist individuals from all walks of life as a traveler, per diem, and permeant employee to help those in the recovery process due to accidents and illnesses created by disease processes. My biggest takeaway from Villa is to follow your purpose in life. If your passion is helping others, trust the process and never give up.  

Future PTAs should listen to instructor feedback as they have already traveled the road you are embarking on. Your success depends on your study methods, review, and teaching each other material by speaking the language and practice, practice, practice. Use your resources, and work as a team, as this subject is challenging to grasp alone.