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Animation Students Create Original Music Video

By December 17, 2021Animation

Exciting news comes from Villa Maria’s Animation department just before the official end of the Fall 2021 semester.

A group of students collaborated to create an original, animated music video for one of Father Bill Quinlivan’s newest songs “Time for Bed.” “Father Bill reached out to us about creating a music video for his new song,” said Valery Amborski, an instructor of animation. “The song, which runs 3 minutes and 27 seconds, was included on Father Bill’s latest album, ‘Christmas Again.’”

Molly Lonigan, a senior animation student, was heavily involved in the production of “Time for Bed.” She worked on almost all aspects of the music video, including character design, storyboard, rough animation, inking, and coloring. “This was a great experience,” said Lonigan. “This was my first time doing professional work, and I’ve learned a lot about how to approach this sort of project. Seeing a video that I helped create air on TV is amazing, especially since I’m so early in my career.”

Rachel Falsone, another senior animation student, also played a significant role in the project. She agrees the project provided good professional experience. “This project was similar to our junior film class,” she said. “Except with a bigger workload since there was only three of us for a while. Once we got more people to help us everything started to come together. We had some rough moments, but in the end we did it. I enjoyed editing “Time for Bed” and I’m happy I got the professional experience!”

Villa Maria students produced “Time for Bed” in its entirety:

  • Character Design – Molly Lonigan, ‘22
  • Backgrounds – Cameron Knisley, ‘20
  • Storyboards – Molly Lonigan and Cameron Knisley
  • Rough animation – Molly Lonigan, Cameron Knisley, and Rachel Falsone, ‘22
  • Inking – Molly Lonigan, Cameron Knisley, and Rachel Falsone
  • Coloring – Molly Lonigan, Alex Berry, ‘22, Cameron Knisley, Sierra Annunziata, ‘22, Julia Ramos, ‘24, Jacob Walek, ’25  Jakvia Williams, ’25 and Rachel Falsone
  • Editing – Rachel Falsone

The music video was aired live on Catholic TV, and that recording can be viewed here:

The video is slated to air on Catholic TV again soon. It is also set to air through Salt and Light in Toronto. It can be viewed now on YouTube or by clicking the play button below.