Villa Maria College Hosts First College-Wide Service Day as Part of 2019 Heritage Days

Villa Maria College Hosts First College-Wide Service Day as Part of 2019 Heritage Days

Villa Maria College Hosts First College-Wide Service Day as Part of 2019 Heritage Days 150 150 Villa Maria College

On Saturday, October 5, Villa Maria students, faculty and staff will join forces in an effort to make the Buffalo community a better place through service.

As part of 2019 Heritage Days, Dr. Donald Monnin, vice president for mission, has organized Villa’s first college-wide service day. Heritage Days are an annual series of events that commemorate those who founded the College, the Felician Sisters. Heritage Days also serve as an opportunity for the Villa community to reflect on the core values that drive everything done at the College.

“This Service Day is an excellent way to live out our Felician Franciscan core value of ‘solidarity with the poor,’” said Dr. Monnin. “It will expose participants to the challenges faced out in the real world and enable them to see that working together as a group, we can make a difference. We often feel powerless alone but sharing our talents and time will give hope to those that struggle and give meaning and purpose to those that want to make our community a better place.”

Some of the locations at which the Villa community will be serving include:

  • 716 Ministries (rehabbing a house)
  • Bailey Ave. Business Association (theater renovations, cleaning out lots, assist local merchants, etc.)
  • Buffalo City Mission Store on Dick Rd.
  • Goodwill Industries Store on Union Rd.
  • New Generation Ministries Church on Doat St. (various indoor and outdoor activities)
  • Our Lady of Black Rock School on Amherst St. (various projects at the school)
  • Saint Columba-Brigid Church on Hickory St. (computer work, window cleaning, room renovations)
  • Seneca/Babcock Senior Center on Genesee St. (room painting)
  • St. Vincent de Paul Center on Main St. (serving at soup kitchen, thrift store, other projects)
  • Little Portion Friary Homeless Shelter on Main St. (general house cleaning, kitchen help)
  • St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy on Walden Ave. (serving meal, sorting clothes, other activities)

“The Felician Sisters were strong, bold, visionary women, and they still are,” said Dr. Matthew Giordano, Villa’s president. “If you are ever looking for inspiration to create change—to go about doing the hard work, day in and day out, of making yourself and the world a better place—look no further than the Sisters. In an era when we heroize many people too quickly, they exemplify the courage and selflessness that true heroism entails. I look forward to spending a day truly living the College’s mission alongside students and colleagues.”

To learn more about the College’s Service Day, follow Villa Maria on Facebook ( and Instagram (@VillaMariaCollegeBuf).

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