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Villa Maria College Announces the Opening of its First Branch Campus in Rome, Italy

Today, April 1, 2019, Villa Maria College announces the opening of a branch campus in Rome, Italy.

This announcement comes following the decision of the College’s newly-appointed il quarto president, Dr. Matthew Giordano, to extend his two-week pilgrimage permanently. Dr. Giordano respectfully requests to be referred to as Dottore Matteo Giordano, Presidente from now on.

At the Italian branch campus, Campus Hour will be referred to as Riposo, a nod to the extended lunch break traditionally taken in Italy between 1 PM and 4 PM. It will be honored and celebrated 5 days a week; no classes or activities will take place during this time.

For many years, Villa Maria has celebrated its Polish traditions, in the spirit of transformation, the College’s core value of the year; we will now celebrate our Italian roots, as small as they may be.

In order to unite the two campuses, the world-famous Chef Boyardee will take over the in kitchen at the College’s original Buffalo location. Mama Mia!

Once the branch campus is operational, traditional Italian classes will be offered, including Gondola Steering, Vespa Maintenance, Spaghetti and Meatballs, gesticulating, Mandolino, and more.  Athletics at the branch campus will include Bocce and Calcio, of course.

  “Enough with the Paula’s Donuts, Gelato for all”  ~Presidente Giordano

“Enough with the Paula’s Donuts, Gelato for all” ~Presidente Giordano