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President Giordano’s Letter to the Editor Published in the New York Times Magazine

By October 5, 2019Press Release

After reading a recent article published in the New York Times Magazine, Villa Maria College President Matthew Giordano, Ph.D. felt compelled to reply to the editor.

The article, which spoke to the experiences of low-income college students as they navigated the college admissions process, focused on the elite colleges and universities and neglected to mention the many small, private college that regularly strain their resources to make a college education affordable to the masses.

Dr. Giordano’s reply was published on in Sunday, September 29th edition of the New York Times Magazine.

In his reply, Dr. Giordano appropriately points out that the original article is creating a distorted view of reality.  He says, “The vast majority of college students are not attending the Trinities and Amhersts of the country but rather are going to community colleges, nonelite public universities and small, mission-driven private colleges. These colleges are not compromising their values to find people who can pay, nor are they ignoring real-world challenges faced by low-income students such as food and housing insecurity.”

The article can be read in its entirety below.